On Two Special People

I like human-interest stories and this past weekend the Today Show gave me two great stories: one about Rebecca Alexander and one on Bill Cosby.

Not only is Rebecca Alexander a sister to NBC’s Peter Alexander, she also has Usher Syndrome Type III – a disorder leading her to being both blind and deaf. Despite her condition, her strength and outlook is amazing. Here’s the interview with an accompanying print story.

Usher Syndrome Resources from the National Institute of Health

This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Cosby Show. Lester Holt used his interview with the legendary Bill Cosby to look back at the brilliant series. Plus see a grown-up Rudy.

Today Show interview, Bill Cosby quotes, and a clip from Season 8.

9 thoughts on “On Two Special People

  1. I agree that the Cosby Show was ahead of its time. You see many shows since that time use variations of their scripts since that time.

    I knew someone would make that Fat Albert reference in this entry somewhere. As it turned out, it came from the author! LOL!

    Nice post Frank!


    • David,
      Interestingly, we don’t realize that shows are ahead of their time until well down the road in time.

      Thanks for the comment.


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