On Timely Financial Information

This isn’t what I had planned today, but this is too good to pass. Yesterday I saw an interview with Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND). Seems he called our financial crisis from the Senate floor in 1999. Here’s the interview, and then the rest of the post provides additional resources. “Thank you” public record for allowing us to see how individuals on Capitol Hill voted, which is interesting … very, very interesting.




8 thoughts on “On Timely Financial Information

  1. Very, very interesting. I think I have my inspiration for post on Thursday or Friday. Tomorrow talks about a more controversial topic, but this is a good one.

    Just think if McCain did win, we would have Phil Gramm handling this financial crisis or the fox guarding the hen house.

    I will absolutely give you credit for opening the door up on this one.


    • Tim,
      I figured you would appreciate this one. Not only did I find the interview interesting, but looking at the votes is an eye opener.

      … and oh my my … I didn’t even think about Phil Gramm heading the Treasury if McCain won. Wow! Some have called him the “King of Banking Deregulation.”

      Thanks for reading!


  2. Frank, this is a delayed reaction, I watched the video a couple of days ago and immediately thereafter a touch of pandemonium set in. Now that the dust has settled, thank you for unearthing the ” … voice crying in the wilderness.” I live in subprime country and as I watched the permutation of “mortgage” companies proliferate, my BS alarm began to twitch.
    Seems like banking 101a says, ” … lend money to people who can pay it back and make sure the secured property has enough value.” It can’t get much simpler than that. We can rant and rave, but we can’t unring the bell.
    Thanks for your revelation. It restores my faith that not all of our legislative cadre is asleep at the switch.


  3. Grow up.
    Robert Rubin fathered it because Sandy Weill wanted it in order to create Citigroup out of Traveler’s & Citicorp and
    Bill Clinton gleefully gave it his Presidential Imprimatur.
    Now if you recognize the following Senators and Representatives who voted for it, then you already know that they are Democrats, every last one.
    Pelosi, Hoyer, Kennedy, Rangel, Roemer, Wexler, Levin, Lantos, Murtha, Jackson-Lee, Blagojevich, Bonior, Gephardt,
    Abercrombie, Ackerman, Allen, Andrews, Baird, Baldacci, Barcia etc. 155 democrats total from both houses signed it!!!!
    And yeah jerk Gramm is not Treasury Secretary because ass Tim “tax cheat” Geithner is!!! Geithner was Robert Rubin’s toady Under Secretary of Treasury for International Affairs!!!!
    Rubin, in 1997, together with then-Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, strongly opposed the regulation of derivatives, when such regulation was proposed by then-head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Brooksley Born.
    Rubin received over $17,000,000 in compensation from Citigroup and a further $33,000,000 in stock options as of 2008.
    So shut up, grow up and realize it is time to have a “tea party” and throw the corrupt elements from both major political parties out of government forever.
    Unless of course you are a partisan suck ass.


    • Jason,
      First of all, I normally not allow condescending comments because I expect readers and those who comment to treat people with respect. Then again, I may change my mind in time, thus delete your comment and this response.

      Secondly, my history shows I’m not partisan and your comment clearly indicates you’re the partisan.

      Thanks for visiting.


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