On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 18

On I Didn’t Know
Whether due to my ignorance or stupidity, I’ve never heard of historian John Hope Franklin; but thanks to a fellow blogger that I respect, this NPR post enlightened me. In honor of his March 23rd passing at the age of 94, I encourage readers to listen to the All Things Considered interview (about halfway down), visit the Duke University tribute, and other NPR resources. Thanks Tim for introducing me to Professor Franklin.

On Evolutionary Thoughts
I’ve been reading Saving Darwin by Karl Giberson (which I found in my library). It focuses on the history of both evolutionary thought and creationism – and simply a delightful and interesting read, especially with the Texas Board of Education’s recent news.

On Sexting
Sending nude pictures, especially by teens to other teens, is providing a lot of news. Challenges to laws and punishment based on First Amendment rights will be interesting to watch.

On Newt Gingrich
Multiple divorcee and philanderer Newt Gingrich’s criticism of Notre Dame’s invitation to President Obama for speaking at graduation clearly demonstrates he has too much time on his hands.

(From his Twitter feed)
It is sad to see Notre Dame invite President Obama to give the commencement address since his policies are so anti-catholic values.

On McCain
Sorry, not John … but Meghan. Seems the senator’s daughter is making a name for herself as an excellent blogger and a voice for Republican moderates. In this post she calls out Ann Coulter. Well done Meghan.

Not to leave out the respected senator, I can’t believe the news concerning his lack of endorsement of Governor Palin in 2012. He’s playing it close to the vest (as I would) … nothing more, nothing less; so there’s nothing in his comments. Meanwhile, a suggestion to journalists – stop asking the question!

On a Great Story
If you didn’t see this, NBC’s Jenna Wolf did a great story about a young paraplegic. The world would be a better place if more of us had Patrick’s attitude.

On a Wow

On the Final Four
It’s been another great tournament. Coaching legends Izzo, Williams, and Calhoun make the trip, while Jay Wright has his first.

I started posting picks with round 2 and my record has been 12-4, 7-1, and 3-1 (22-6; 78.6%) – so on to the semifinals.

  • North Carolina over Villanova
  • Michigan State over UConn

On Site Updates
Since I’ve done a number of posts, today I’ve added to pages to this site: Rockpile and Perspectives; plus updating the About page. These provide another way to revisit some past posts.