On Trivia to Start the Season

Sunday night marks the start of the MLB 2209. Here’s a few baseball trivia questions to start the season. Answers are provided below.

(1) Baseball has had its share of bad trades. Match the trade with the Group A and Group B players.

Group A
Larry Anderson, Doyle Alexander, Ernie Brolio, Cash, Frank Duffy, Ivan DeJesus, Bris Lord, Milt Pampas, Ken Phelps, Kevin Stocker, Gary Templeton

Group B
Bobby Abreu, Jeff Bagwell, Larry Bowa & Ryne Sandberg, Lou Brock, Jay Buehner, George Foster, Joe Jackson, Frank Robinson, Babe Ruth, Ozzie Smith John Smoltz,

(2) Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance is a great Cub double play combination. Name the third baseman.

(3) Name the batter and pitcher involved the first time a black pitcher faced a black batter in MLB?

(4) Name the pitcher with the most career wins that didn’t win the Cy Young Award.

(5) Name the modern-era team that played home games at Sicks Stadium.

Bonus Question
If you get this one without references, you are good. I admit to not knowing it, but it’s worth sharing. This Cincinnati Red was a Rookie Pitcher of the Year and pitched a scoreless inning during the World Series the same year; then never pitched again in the bigs.

(1) Larry Anderson – Jeff Bagwell, Doyle Alexander – John Smoltz, Ernie Brolio – Lou Brock, Cash – Babe Ruth, Frank Duffy – George Foster, Ivan DeJesus – Bowa & Sandberg, Bris Lord – Joe Jackson, Milt Pampas – Frank Robinson, Ken Phelps – Jay Beuhner, Kevin Stoker – Bobby Abreu, Gary Templeton – Ozzie Smith

(2) Tinker to Evers to Chance and Harry Steinfelt

(3) Don Newcombe pitched to Hank Thompson

(5) Cy Young (511 wins) never won his own award.

Bonus – Ken Hunt (1961)

(4) A salute to the Seattle Pilots and Sicks Stadium