On the Moderates’ Dilemma

We moderates have a dilemma. On one side of the political aisle;

  • Republicans are drifting aimlessly in search of their identity.
  • Rush and his wannabe talk hosts continue to be a loud voice, not for all Republicans.
  • The GOP’s conservative wing is negative about every idea different from their own, thus welcomes anyone desiring to join them while proclaiming no compromise.
  • Minority Leader John Boehner tries to regain the people’s ear by saying Republicans strayed away from their ideals and calling Democratic actions a “sideshow”, meanwhile forgetting that he was the circus ring-leader during those straying days.
  • The Republican party lacking credibility, and party leaders act like they are 300 miles from shore in a small boat rowing into a stiff wind with a set of toothpicks.
  • Calls of socialism and comparison President Obama to leaders as Stalin continues to serve as red meat for the partisans while alienating moderates and reinforcing their lack of credibility.
  • GOP language and action continues to serve as a divisive wedge aimed at regaining their political foothold, meanwhile lack providing meaningful solutions.

Meanwhile on the Democratic side of the aisle;

  • Speaker Pelosi continues to lead in a partisan manner, thus foregoing a bipartisan response in favor of forcing an ideological agenda.
  • Democratic operatives are lining up at the pork buffet. Sure pork is actually a small portion of the total budget, but it’s about principles.
  • Senate Leader Harry Reid’s focuses his effort to back the Pelosi-driven agenda by either limiting Democratic defectors to keep the majority or to gain GOP defectors to get the key 60.
  • Groups as MoveOn.org, the Campaign for America’s Future, and US Action are already targeting centrist Democrats for “standing in the way of the president’s programs.”
  • In other words, the Democrats are using a bully pulpit.

Meanwhile at the White House;

  • President Obama won many votes because people believed he would work in a bipartisan manner, yet the Democratic agenda unquestionably succeeds.
  • President Obama speaks out against pork spending after signing two massive bills, each loaded with unnecessary bacon.
  • White House actions demonstrate more partisanship than bipartisanship.
  • President Obama’s simultaneous attacks on all major issues are either based on blind faith, the rolling the dice, or a tribute to his own ego.
  • As the people appreciate the president’s leadership presence, Congress has yet to figure out that if they could deliver serious solution, President Obama is the one who could sell it to the people.

With one party bullying a partisan agenda and the other lacking credibility, who is serving as the voice of moderates? Who is there to stop a large-scale agenda that cannot fit into the established pipeline?

It’s time for the moderates in both parties to rise up and block the current Democratic agenda; however, not to support the Republican ideas, but to lead in a sensible fashion at this critical time. A recent 51-48 vote shows signs of this in the making.

There’s a risk for moderates to go against their party because the party can withdraw their support in future elections. After all, the two most powerful lobbies are the Republican and Democratic parties. I can still hear former senator saying, “If you do what’s right, you won’t get re-elected.”

Our crisis continues to be too great to let partisan agendas have higher priority than our current needs. The current polarization is simply a matter of partisan politics displayed by both parties. As liberals and conservatives may not appreciate this post, let me remind each of them that the voting moderates/centrists/independents are the ones deciding elections.

Mr. President, I suggest you grab the center because the public will do to the bullies on the left what it did to the bullies on the right. If patriotic solutions can’t be found, bring on the stalemate so we can throw the bums out!

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