On Easter 2009

Easter, the most important day on the Christian calendar, sets the foundation for Christianity. We Christians come in as many denominations, but regardless of our differences, this is the day that truly unites us as one.

As noted before, I play in a church bell choir, thus my Easter gift to everyone is Easter Joy, the song we’re playing this weekend. This is not us as we play it a tad faster, however, you can see different techniques by watching the two closest to the camera.

Happy Easter to Christian readers, and to others, blessings to you and I hope you enjoy the music.

8 thoughts on “On Easter 2009

  1. Frank, thanks for posting this. The second guy from the right was as busy as a cranberry merchant between his hammers and his bell. They guy on the end was busy as well, but not quite as frenetic as the second guy. The music was excellent and was obviously well rehearsed.

    I can appreciate this having, (not in the last few years), a history of participation in choirs, in many as the bass soloist of choice. In my grade school, from the third grade on, we had music every day.

    By the fourth grade we were listening to Bach inventions played in our room by a concert-grade pianist … and loving it. By the sixth grade, we had developed an appreciation for Bach, Mozart, Handel and a plethora of the other great dead composers. The school: Rogers Elementary, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

    I know you and your fellow “ringers” will do well in the morning and have mentioned a bit of support for you in my daily conversations with the Higher Power.

    All the best,


    • Joe,
      Oh yes, these guys were busy juggling things to do. Besides the fact the larger bells aren’t light!

      FYI: If you watch it again, my part is toward the other end … actually the first one with the chimes (when they ‘chime’ in) … busy part going between chimes and bells … some transitions very fast.

      We should ring it ok, but then again, we’re not professionals, thus who knows how will do. We always practice before the service as a refresher, the problem tonight will be that we won’t play until 90+ minutes later … Easter Vigil service, the 2-in-1 service that is lengthy.

      From prior posts, I recall your interest in music. Interesting how it stems back to your elementary school. You learned at an early age what music has to offer, thus why you still appreciate it today.

      FYI: I’ll be posting another bell piece soon, well, probably later this month.

      Blessings to you and your family & friends.


    • Daedalus,
      Handbell choirs are still out there and alive and well. We recently hosted our first-ever Bell Fest … had three choirs (ok for the first time) … the mass choirs of 35 ringers played 4 pieces together.

      See my Handbells category for additional pieces.

      Thanks for visiting, commenting, and I hope you return.


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