On a Special Jersey

peteroseAs a lifelong Reds fan, I think about Pete Rose. There’s no question that Pete is his worst enemy, but this post is NOT about his poor choices. There’s no question that Pete had a great career and his stats warrant Copperstown (HOF), but this post is NOT about the HOF or even his return to the game.

For whatever reason, Major League Baseball (MLB) continues to punish Cincinnati Reds fans for Pete’s wrongdoings. I simply cannot understand why #14 isn’t retired and hanging on the ballpark façade with other great Reds from the past. Although no player will ever wear #14 again in Cincinnati, MLB’s stance is selfish, arrogant, and an intentional slap in the face to Cincinnati Reds fans and to the Cincinnati Reds organization.

Every time I go to a game or even drive by the ballpark, I think about this travesty. How would MLB be hurt if it lifted the Rose ban for a day or even a weekend to retire #14 and even induct him into the Reds HOF? The Cincinnati Reds fans deserve this because this has nothing – NOTHING to do with Cooperstown eligibility or reinstatement into the game. NOTHING!

Pete Rose grew up in Cincinnati, played hard for his town, and Cincinnatians love him. Even with his tarnish, Pete is still a legend. Yet MLB is led by a commissioner who always says the game is about the fans, but continues to act to the contrary by punishing Cincinnati Reds’ fans for Pete’s indiscretions. Mr. Selig, temporarily lift the ban so the Reds can honor him, so the fans can honor him, and so he doesn’t have to buy a ticket. Better yet, consider calling the Cincinnati Reds with your idea.

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