On Transforming the GOP

Shortly after the November election I wrote about the problems within the Republican Party.  In January 2009, the party elected a new leader.

Michael Steele, the new Republican Party leader, is in charge of picking up the pieces of a shattered party and transforming it into a new blueprint with a broader appeal. Given this is a noble and worthwhile cause, and being an independent moderate who has and can vote Republican, let’s see how Mr. Steele is doing.

Recently, Mr. Steele sent a letter to Republicans with the comments below.

  • President Barack Obama, the most far-left President in American history
  • Speaker Pelosi is even farther to the left than President Obama
  • Senate Leader Harry Reid, one of the most ruthless, liberal partisans in Congress
  • President Obama embraces a socialist economic philosophy
  • The Democrats try to sabotage the USA Patriot Act that has kept us safe
  • Their efforts to …. shut down conservative talk shows
  • We remain strong and so NO to socialism, but also to put together a positive agenda for the future
  • We need to resist the militant leftist agenda
  • Your contribution of any amount will go directly toward building, uniting, and mobilizing our Republican Party at this critical moment.

Where’s the new blueprint?

Congratulations Mr. Steele. It appears that instead of transforming the party, the party has successfully transformed you.