Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 21

On Music
The depth and breath of music continues to amaze me – So many genres with numerous subsets, thus so much to discover, then alone appreciate. On the flip side, I wonder why so many people are stuck in their narrow slice of the music world.

On Reykjavik: 1986
In 1986 two prominent powers meet in Iceland to discuss nuclear weapons. Leading their respective delegations were Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and US Secretary of State George Schultz. The two men recently met again in Rome and looked back at the 1988 meeting.

On Israeli Culture
As I’ve said before, there’s so much each of don’t know. I found this recent David Brooks column about Israeli culture intriguing.

On a Stimulating Cost
The Stimulus Bill dispenses dollars to states with restrictions and accountabilities. Here’s an interesting article looking at costs from the state’s perspective.

On Punishing a Good Cause
Elijah Dukes is a young outfielder for the Washington Nationals. Yes, he was late for a team meeting. Yes he was wrong. Yes he was reprimanded – but should he have been threatened for demotion to the minors? If you don’t know why he was late, check this out …. And then this great ending.

On Tornado: 1974
I was in college on April 3, 1974 in northern Ohio. Although I recall the ominous clouds of that day, we experienced nothing like what southwestern Ohio and other states had on the day looked upon as the single worst day for tornadoes in history.

In Ohio Xenia received the worst damage, but many other communities were affected. Several years later I would move to southwestern Ohio, and coincidently, my wife and I would each work with (in separate organizations) people who lost their home that day.

Spring is tornado season, and as an Oklahoma friend of mine says, one never gets used to them. This site focuses on the tornadoes affecting many states on April 3, 1974. Amazingly, look at the Outbreak Statistical Data page to note the magnitude of the day. Keep in mind that most tornadoes typically stay on the ground for a mile or less.

On Procrastinating
That’s P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T – … oh, we’ll finish it later. This CBS report is a great look at the topic … Enjoy.