On a Monday for Saturday (4/25/1976)

April 25, 1976 was not a Monday …. not a Saturday … but coincidentally sandwiched between them …. Sunday …. and a Sunday at a ballpark.

Rick Monday was a bonus baby signed by the Kansas City A’s out of Arizona State. He played 19 seasons on 4 teams with respectable stats over his 1986 games: 241 HR, 775 RBI, .264 BA, .443 SLG. Yet his most proud moment was during the 4th inning on April 25, 1976.

This is a great interview and retrospective of that day 33 years ago today.


2 thoughts on “On a Monday for Saturday (4/25/1976)

  1. I have seen that moment played over again, and I agree it was definitely a proud and defining one. Most people would have instinctively bowled the guys over, but he didn’t. Now they should be lucky Lasorda didn’t make it out there on time, or that could have been the case! I did notice on my history page I use that this was mentioned.

    Also, the Cubs played their first ever NL game in a win exactly 100 years before this moment!

    Thanks for sharing!


    • David,
      Great point … How he went about it is an important point that seems to be overshadowed by what he did. This interviewed shows Rick Monday is a class act.

      Thanks for the comment!


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