On Bits of Baseball

Stadium Trivia
Baseball has a reach history in these current MLB cities. Match the stadium with the city. Matches occur only once and all are used. Some easy ones, but I believe most something challenging here because not all were MLB teams. By the way, some of these also had other names during their history. Answers are found at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago 1, Chicago 2, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Texas, Toronto, Washington

Babe Ruth Stadium, Baker Bowl, Blues Stadium, Borchert Field, Colt Stadium, Exposition Park, Exposition Stadium, Griffith Stadium, Hilltop Park, Huntington Avenue Grounds, League Park, Navin Field, Nicollet Park, Palace of the Fans, Ponce de Leon Park, Seals Stadium, Sick’s Stadium, Sportsman’s Park, South Side Park, Turnpike Stadium, West Side Grounds, Westgate Park, Wrigley Field,

Baseball Tidbits
Baseball players have a culture full of nicknames. Here’s a link compiling many of nicknames by teams.

Speaking of nicknames, those of us who remember the early days of ESPN appreciated early Chris Berman more than today’s version. Since I loved the nicknames he used on Sports Center, here’s a list.

Scientific American has a Science of Baseball page with great information.

Jim Bowden operated a sham while GM in Cincinnati, and continued to display his ineffectiveness with the Nationals. Hal McCoy, a Hall-of-Fame writer for the Dayton Daily News, wrote this column about Bowden in early March.

I didn’t know that retired Yankee outfielder Bernie Williams played the guitar. I appreciate his rendition of Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

Stadium Trivia Answers
Atlanta – Ponce de Leon Park
Baltimore – Babe Ruth Stadium
Boston – Huntington Avenue Grounds
Chicago A – South Side Park
Chicago B – West Side Grounds
Cincinnati – Palace of the Fans
Cleveland – League Park
Detroit – Navin Field
Houston – Colt Stadium
Kansas City – Blues Stadium
Los Angeles – Wrigley Field
Milwaukee – Borchert Field
Minneapolis – Nicollet Park
New York – Hilltop Park
Philadelphia – Baker Bowl
Pittsburgh – Exposition Park
St. Louis – Sportsman’s Park
San Diego – Westgate Park
San Francisco – Seals Stadium
Seattle – Sick’s Stadium
Texas – Turnpike Stadium
Toronto – Exposition Stadium
Washington – Griffith Stadium