On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 22

On Take Your Child to Work Day
I wonder how many cases of Take Your Child Work Day is really another reason for a Kid to Miss School Day. So I ask this question – Why isn’t this day held during the summer? Here is the Wikipedia reference about this day.

On President Obama’s First 100 Days
With the first 100 days getting so much press, here are equal number of positive and negatives; plus a link to a collection of opinions at The Daily Beast and the Wall Street Journal, with the latter including this one from former high-ranking White House insiders.


  • Increased sense of White House leadership
  • Improved international relations
  • High likeability, respect, and integrity
  • Addressed Gitmo and past torture
  • Open to improved Cuban relations
  • Promoting science
  • Questioning the credit card industry
  • Managed situations in Iraq and Afghanistan


  • No veto to control Congressional spending
  • Proclaim “no pork” in the pork-laden Stimulus Bill
  • Not governing from the center
  • Partisanship is alive and well (I know, it takes two to tango)
  • Cabinet selection issues
  • Light rules against lobbyists
  • Releasing the torture memos is counter to moving forward
  • Jousting with Rush, the one who isn’t worth it

On a New-Ending Case
I’ve been hearing about John Demjanjuk since the 1970s. Now 89 years old and in poor health, he’s been fighting accusations of being a Nazi war criminal for many years. He’s been deported to Israel for trial, where his conviction was eventually overturned, and now the fight involves sending him to Germany for trial. I can somewhat understand the passions involved in this case, but he has suffered enough. Let him live his last years in whatever peace he can muster within himself.

On Specter
Sure Senator Specter becoming a Democrat has something to do with his 2010 reelection, but this is also sign that the Republican Party no longer welcomes moderates. Seems my November post about the GOP insect is predictably morphing. Also see these from Real Clear Politics and from Senator Olympia Snow (R-ME). Meanwhile, Pennsylvania voters will decide his political fate.

On Yes … I Heard This First Hand
No question – whoever ordered the Air Force One photo-op fly over NYC used very poor judgment; which bought about this paraphrased response by a voter (and I’m not kidding): Our Muslim president ordered the flyover to chart targets for terrorists. Hey Tim, there’s a post topic for you.

On a Recession Positive
Given the gloom of the current job status of many, here’s a Forbes article pointing to a positive aspect of this recessionary period – improved intimacy.

On a Local Continuing to be Local
Kevin Huber went to McNicholas High School on Cincinnati’s east side. He decided to play college football locally at the University of Cincinnati where he became an All-American punter. Then last weekend the Cincinnati Bengals drafted Kevin Huber in the 5th round. Meanwhile, the Reds could sure use a RH bat also named Kevin, plus a local high school and college connection – Kevin Youkilis (Sycamore HS/ UC).

On Something to Ponder
Speaking of sports, why do we call where people sit stands?

On Some Political Humor
Sorry to say this video has disabled embedding, but this made me chuckle; then again, I loved the show. Enjoy!