On a Few Religious Thoughts

On Uncomfortable
The other day a heard an analogy comparing encounters with God to running into “the other” after a break up, or seeing an ex-boss with whom you had negative encounters/relationship. Although I’m not of the mindset that God is supposed to be uncomfortable, if an awkward encounter creates discomfort within self that stimulates thinking and eventual action, that’s ok.

On Those Words
We hear words as despair, fear, judge, love, peace, punishment, responsibility, spirit, test, and will, so hear are some random thoughts with those words.

Some people want to emphasize a fear of God. To me, how can I fear someone who expresses love?

Some people want to emphasize God’s punishment. Although he is the final judge, he is fair and merciful – thus the responsibility is one me.

Some people want to emphasize abandonment during times of despair. To me, times of despair are when one needs God the most and should feel the closest at this point.

Some people act as if they are afraid of God. To me, how can I be afraid of words and actions of peace?

Some people believe God plants things on Earth to test our will; or even life is one big test. To me, only a cruel God would do that, and I don’t believe God is cruel.

Some people want to justify their choices in terms of God’s will. To me, we have many freedoms, and choice is one of them. If you use his spirit and examples, choices are easy.

Being Christian is easy, but being human is want makes it difficult.

From a Local Column
Father Lou Guntzelman writes a weekly column (which I enjoy) for the Community Press newspapers in Cincinnati. He closed his Why is there Something Instead of Nothing? column with these words.

The God of Love makes creatures to experience some of the joy of existence that he does, to thrill at nature and life and love and fullness of being. God creates out of love to share his joy, to multiply without end the divine delight, to see the ecstasy and joy that resides at his core reflected in us – for a few in this life, for most at some point in the next.