On a Few Religious Thoughts

On Uncomfortable
The other day a heard an analogy comparing encounters with God to running into “the other” after a break up, or seeing an ex-boss with whom you had negative encounters/relationship. Although I’m not of the mindset that God is supposed to be uncomfortable, if an awkward encounter creates discomfort within self that stimulates thinking and eventual action, that’s ok.

On Those Words
We hear words as despair, fear, judge, love, peace, punishment, responsibility, spirit, test, and will, so hear are some random thoughts with those words.

Some people want to emphasize a fear of God. To me, how can I fear someone who expresses love?

Some people want to emphasize God’s punishment. Although he is the final judge, he is fair and merciful – thus the responsibility is one me.

Some people want to emphasize abandonment during times of despair. To me, times of despair are when one needs God the most and should feel the closest at this point.

Some people act as if they are afraid of God. To me, how can I be afraid of words and actions of peace?

Some people believe God plants things on Earth to test our will; or even life is one big test. To me, only a cruel God would do that, and I don’t believe God is cruel.

Some people want to justify their choices in terms of God’s will. To me, we have many freedoms, and choice is one of them. If you use his spirit and examples, choices are easy.

Being Christian is easy, but being human is want makes it difficult.

From a Local Column
Father Lou Guntzelman writes a weekly column (which I enjoy) for the Community Press newspapers in Cincinnati. He closed his Why is there Something Instead of Nothing? column with these words.

The God of Love makes creatures to experience some of the joy of existence that he does, to thrill at nature and life and love and fullness of being. God creates out of love to share his joy, to multiply without end the divine delight, to see the ecstasy and joy that resides at his core reflected in us – for a few in this life, for most at some point in the next.

6 thoughts on “On a Few Religious Thoughts


    Love this post. Need to smack people around a little more, but I’ve always been partial to those ‘fire and brimstone’ types of messages anyway. Excellent post. Clear, easy and honest.

    Now let’s take up the offering. 🙂


    • Tim,
      One thing for sure, Christianity comes in many forms. I continue to ponder these words which always appeared in my church education of my youth …
      God is good … hence an important cornerstone for the my views.

      Thanks for the comment.

      … to


  2. i agree on your points of view here frank.

    there are times when people say they do fear god when they shouldn’t really because we don’t need to fear someone who’s kind and gentle.

    i also love how you emphasized on our freedom to exercise our choices in the right manner.

    all in all, we need to enjoy life because god created us to be happy. all we need to do is enjoy in a clean way – making sure that we aren’t hurting anyone at all.

    nice post here frank! you’re truly one of the bests!


    • Maxi,
      Thanks … but your words are very powerful, thus meaningful to me (and my viewpoint). I will simply hope that others will also read your comments.

      Thanks for your insight and visit.


  3. Frank, you hit the hammer on the head. FEAR.

    FEAR. Most people fear God because the fear of God is what’s taught in most churches.

    Many churches make their money by preaching fear and therefore people start believing, living and acting out fear. Most churches emphasize their congregation’s sins and imperfections and use that to harvest a larger collection.

    If more churches taught love and self-betterment and taught people how to overcome their imperfections and become more Christ-like then our world would be a vastly different place.

    Maybe humans don’t need to be preached at, just taught to love.

    But if the church taught love and we existed in a loving society how would churches then convince people to give up their money since we would have earned our way to the pearly gates and wouldn’t need to buy our way to heaven?


    • I hear what you’re saying about fear and the preaching of fear. I’m cautious about words as “most’, but I’ll concur with you point with “many” instead.

      Positive messages are preached by many …. but I’m just sure of the percentages. Affiliation is one factor … pastor in place is another … but how so in terms of numbers? I don’t know.

      However, YES …. a positive messages of love, grace, goodness, forgiveness are powerful … luckily for me, that’s what I’ve heard for many years.

      As always, I appreciate your input!


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