On the Dominos of a Message

dominoesI had something very special happen to me in 1987, and that August I shared an important message with others. Later that year in the spirit of the holidays, I expanded the story to selected friends – and some quickly expressed their gratitude.

Over 20 years have passed, yet a few months ago, I wondered if I should volunteer my message and story; but I never acted. Then I read this post by Michelle, which got me thinking about posting my story, yet I never acted. A month later, an e-mail arrived seeking a volunteer to deliver a devotional, but this time instead of thinking, I acted.

The sequential dominoes of life events is interesting as those who stimulated my thoughts may not know; but that’s ok. Now I’m acting again so the dominoes can continue with the aid of current technology.

This story involves three posts, and approaching Mothers’ Day is fitting (for me). Interestingly, they were written in reverse order. I hope readers find a meaning in the story; selfishly, I hope readers return for the others.

Below is an enjoyable, amazing video about dominoes. Meanwhile, to see Part 2 of this 3-part story, click here.

13 thoughts on “On the Dominos of a Message

    • LOL 3rd Stone!

      Since this post was a bit difference … more like an announcement … thought I should have something on it that fit the theme.

      That would have been amazing to watch in person. But heck, closeups by video of different parts is awesome.

      Thanks for visiting.


  1. That was a great video, and I’m not going to begin to think how many dominoes were used!

    I think it is cool how they unveil characters when knocked over. I have to give credit for the creativity involved though.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • David,
      Agree on the video … simply unreal. I wonder how many people hours were needed for the setup … then of course how long did the “collapse” take.

      The dominoes though are a symbol of how events are connected …. how sometimes several things happen that motivate us to do something.

      Thanks again for visiting & the comment.


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