Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 23

On Health Care Reform
Having affordable health care available to all is the humane thing to do. Of course the major question is HOW to accomplish this goal. Government funded proposals concern me because of this question: What does government do well at running?

Ok … let’s give government well earned props for creating red tape, spending wastefully, and protecting people against themselves; but what does the government do effectively and efficiently? On the other hand, the need for the people is there. Ah yes – the ol’ catch 22.

On Colin Power about Rush
I appreciate Colin Powell’s response when asked if Republicans can “continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh?”

Is this really the kind of party that we want to be when these kinds of spokespersons seem to appeal to our lesser instincts rather than our better instincts?

On Republican Recruiting
Now that moderate Senator Specter has left for the Democrats, here’s a story from Politico about the GOP recruiting other Republican moderates for upcoming races.

On Senate Moderates
Can moderate senators from both parties work well enough together to form a coalition? Frequent readers of this blog know that I’ve been calling for to happen in order to keep both the left and the right in check. Here’s the latest from Real Clear Politics about my request.

On John Edwards
It seems former presidential candidate John Edwards’ all-about-me attitude is very real.

On Jails, Prisoners, and Populations
If a population doubles and the crime rate remains the same, doesn’t the number of prisoners double? Not that the population of Hamilton County Ohio (Cincinnati) has doubled, but the jail is packed, and voters rejected funding a new jail. According to the sheriff, the county has released 8,500+ prisoners so far this year. Although a lot can be done with statistics, that is an alarming number.

As Dancing with the Stars (Season 8) approaches an end, it seems to be following a script I mentioned weeks ago. Now with the finals, we just don’t know how viewers are voting. On March 18 (after the first elimination) I previewed the field, so see how I did.

On the Reds at Home
Since the opening of Great American Ballpark (2003), the Reds home winning percentage is below .500. And yes, despite a good start this year, the trend continues in 2009.

Hats off to the Reds pitching and defense for having 4 shutouts in a 6-game span!

On Louisiana Senate Race
Seems adult entertainer Stormy Daniels is considering a run for the U.S. Senate. Here’s the Draft Stormy site.

On Those Holders
If you saw Stormy, you may empathize with big-busted British women whose bras cost more. Yes, this has created an outrage.

On Genesis
To continue my religion and evolution education, I’m currently reading Storms Over Genesis (William Jennings). So far, interesting – and yes, failing into my personal theology. Here are three sites promoting the relationship between religion and science:

8 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 23

  1. Good stuff. I especially agree with your point about jails and prisoners. This along with poverty is a big problems with increasing population that we both brought up before on here.

    I never heard about Stormy Daniels or the British outrage either, so thanks!

    Excellent, short opinions as always!


    • David,
      Good memory as I recall the population discussion on your interview question!

      I’ve seen several news reports on Stormy, so I thought someone out there would appreciate it. 🙂

      Thanks for the visit!


  2. your Reds are certainly on their way back to being a dominant factor in the NL

    I like that young squad

    did you see Cheyney had to toss his two cents in on Colin’s comments?

    the GOP has been stagnant the past 50 years, it seems, and it may be catching up on them


    • 3rd Stone,
      The Reds are moving in the right direction. As a whole, pitching has done well, plus the RH bats (which were dormant in April) are awakening. So it means things are coming together … but there’s a long way to go.

      I saw Mr. Cheney on CBS and I just shake my head. And far right continues to wonder why moderates openly wonder.

      Thanks for the visit and comment.


  3. On Health Care Reform – Frank our government have to be innovative in the way they put together an affordable healthcare system. It can be a government back system that is managed by a private company. Hmmm…

    On Colin Power about Rush – I also appreciate Mr. Powell’s comments. Rush is someone who thinks he has a right or some special privilege to demoralize others yet he cannot tolerate any form of constructive criticism. What Powell is saying is correct, he’s not slandering Limbaugh. Powell is trying to make the Republican Party assess itself and get back on track before its too late and a third party pops up. It makes me wonder if Rush Limbaugh really cares about the GOP or if he’s just concerned about his wallet since he’s not offering any solutions, he’s just a sensationalist.

    On Republican Recruiting – To the Democrats I say, ‘Don’t taunt the alligator until after you’ve crossed the creek.’

    On John Edwards – It seems that both Edwards’ have revealed themselves to be truly narcissistic.

    On Jails, Prisoners, and Populations – America has the most prisoners in the world. Even more than China who more than double our population. It seems to me that we need to stop making the prison system a ‘source of income’ and think of innovative ways to rehab non-violent criminals like giving them an education or job training and making them productive members of society.

    On DWTS – Wow Frank, you are right on the money. I LOVE Gilles! Please tell me who I should bet on in the Preakness!

    On Louisiana Senate Race – Welcome to the south!

    On Genesis – We have been taught for too long that many of our thoughts and philosophies are exclusive and that there cannot be a marriage of two seemingly opposite ideas. I believe that our Creator is a mathematician, a scientist and a miracle worker; how else do we explain the magnificence of Earth? How else do we explain that apple trees only bear apples as fruit and that dolphin don’t give birth to snakes or humans or pigs? Or that each human being has some DNA that exactly matches the DNA of fish, snake and bird but we don’t change into those creatures? Evolution and Christ can co-exist; they DO co-exist everyday. Personally I’m a very spiritual person but LOVE any music by PRINCE (which can have very sexual undertones). I read somewhere that PRINCE, despite appearances and presumptions, is a very spiritual person who spends 3 hours each day studying the Bible and has someone with a theology background tutor him. Some people would see someone like me at a PRINCE concert and judge me and believe me to be a heathen of Biblical proportions but it’s the opposite. How is that for a contradiction? Life is full of paradoxes and we humans should become less self righteous and trust God. We know nothing; we are simply humans who are pawns in the universe. We are here to learn about ourselves and to show each other agape love.

    After learning ourselves and learning to truly love each other then we will transcend to the ‘next level’.


    • Paulette,
      You’re right on with so much, so I’ll keep it short.

      On Genesis, we agree so much here. I always say that I can’t believe that the creationists are giving God so little credit.

      On health care reform, definitely needed and you understand my uneasiness.

      General Powell is simply class. Consider what he said compared to VP Cheney’s Sunday comments. No comparison. Of course Rush is laughing all the way to the bank.

      I wish I could help you with the Preakness! LOL … by the way, since you follow DWTS, here’s a heads up that I’ll probably be doing a ballroom post next week.

      Thanks Paulette as I always appreciate your input!


    • Paulette,
      The finals are set. Will be interesting to see what each does for the free-style portion. I recall it cost Stacey Keebler!

      I may do have an interesting dance-related story that I may get out soon too.

      🙂 Thanks!


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