On Roller Coasters: Is Ohio King?

Love them or hate them, roller coasters are an attraction. This past April at Kings Island (north of Cincinnati) had two celebrations: The Beast turned 30 and the Diamondback burst onto the scene. The Beast, a classic coaster, is still the longest wooden roller coaster in the world. Meanwhile, the Diamondback is a fast coaster with more open cars for the long ride.

A few years ago, the parent company of Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH) purchased Kings Island. In itself, Cedar Point is a coaster gold mine with such rides as the original Blue Streak to the Magnum (which destroyed me) and countless others providing thrills for coaster enthusiasts.

Given these two power amusement parks at opposite ends of the state, is Ohio the King of Roller Coasters?

Enjoy the ride & see the list of links below the video

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