On Ballroom Dance: Why?


I wrote the core of this article for the studio newsletter.

As another season of Dancing with the Stars approaches an end, many couples continue to consider taking ballroom dance lessons. In an earlier post I explained how my wife and I got our start taking ballroom dance lessons. Later I answered 10 common questions about the experience.

Therefore, it’s appropriate to say what we’re getting out of their investment.


Ballroom dance has turned out to be something we like to do. On our cruise last fall, every evening included finding the ship’s dance floor. Today, we look for places to go. Why should anyone stop doing something they enjoy – especially if it’s enjoyed by a couple!


Through the Fred Astaire program, we’ve gotten to know others who view dance as we do. More importantly, we’ve learned they are good people – the type that make good company. It turns out that we now get together for dance evenings. We’re now at the stage of learning more about these friends outside our dance interest. Isn’t that an important part of life?


I’ve always said that the more one knows, the more they realize how much they don’t know, thus how much there is to learn. I’m sure more than one of us has thought “Oh, I know waltz (or whatever dance)”, after a few lessons. Ha ha – were we fooled! For those who enjoy learning and problem solving, dance is good mental exercise. As the lead I have to think ahead about upcoming moves. Of course the challenge of learning the move or pattern the first time can be a story in itself.

Growth in Relationship

Those of us that are taking lessons with our spouse understand how dance has allowed us to grow as a couple. Yes, it’s a capital investment, but we calculated the cost per hour of something that we enjoying doing together; thus a reason why we’re still at the studio. Although we still have our individual interests, dance was become a venue for strengthening us.


Over our many lessons, one “different” lesson with a different instructor at the studio, turned out to be a very important lesson about dance that is also applicable to any relationship. To me, her lesson was about being subtle with leads, thus for my wife it meant focusing on the subtlety. This communication link allows a person to communicate with anyone in the world of dance. This is a continual challenge for both of us, but we’re getting better.

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Image courtesy of Fred Astaire Dance Studios