On Perspectives

Perspective: the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance

View of a football game or any other sporting event is generally based preferences for the desired outcome. To one group of fans it was a great game, but it was a lousy game to the others. But hey – it was the same game! Ever read about the game from different reporters?

Science, history, philosophy, mathematics, politics, religion, economic, culture, and many others also provide perspectives. How one interprets these depends on their experiences and knowledge.

Artists can provide different perspectives. Visual perspective is based on how we see things based on the special dimensions of the object. The primary factor is the eye position relative to the object. Photographers also capitalize this in their 2-D images.

youngladyoldladycolorThe graphical art perspective uses techniques on a flat surface giving our eyes a certain look. Which do you initially see: the old lady or the young lady? Which ever, can you see the other?

Perhaps to some, nobody captures the graphical perspective better than M.C.Escher, but what if Escher’s 2-D work was transformed into a computer simulation? Would it show each of us something else than I didn’t image? Check it out for yourself and enjoy.