On Bermanisms

Below are a list of 30 nicknames plus a list of 30 players with a line signifying the place for the nickname. See how you do. Answers are found below the player list.

A Bedtime Story, And Bear It, Babbling, Bay City, Be Home, Bomba, Brandy, Bunch, Eat Drink and, Good Housekeeping, Highway, If I had a, Junk, New kids on the, Life of, OK, Room and, Sergeant, Smallmouth, Snap Crackle, Sockeye, South of the, Supreme Court, Swimming, The Flying, Ticket, Win Place or, Winnie the, Wrap, Young Again


Albert Winnie the Pujols
Atlee If I had a Hammaker
Bert Be Home Blyleven
Brady Bunch Anderson
Chuck New Kids on the Knoblauch
Craig Reynolds Wrap
David Supreme Court Justice
Doyle Brandy Alexander
Eddie Eat Drink and Be Murray
Eric Win Place or Show
Franklin Ticket Stubbs
Gary Redus a Bedtime Story
Greg Life of Briley
Hubie Babbling Brooks
Joe Sergeant Carter
Kevin Smallmouth Bass
Mark Bay City Wohlers
Mike Room and Bordick
Oddibe Young Again McDowell
Pat OK Corrales
Pat South of the Borders
Rick Junk Mahler
Rob Bomba Deer
Robb the Flying Nenn
Robin Ventura Highway
Terry Swimming Puhl
Tim Sockeye Salmon
Todd Snap Crackle Van Poppel
Todd Good Housekeeping Ziele
Tony Gwynn and Bear It

So how did you do? Any favorites on the list or not listed?