On the Reds: May ’09 Review

Although the Reds ended May with a 3-game thud in Milwaukee, they remain in contention. Starting pitching had a good month, the bullpen remains strong, and the right-handed hitters (to me, one of the keys) stepped up.

Key Losses: Joey Votto & Edinson Volquez

Highlight: 4 shutouts in 6 games in late April/early May
Lowlights: Away-game sweeps by San Diego and Milwaukee

May Summary Points (as per Lance McAlister)

  • Record: 15-13
  • Average: Votto .378. Bruce .212 (Reds .270/Opposition .250)
  • Hits: Phillips 31
  • 2B: Hairston 7
  • 3B: Phillips 2
  • HR: Bruce 9 (Reds 39/Opposition 33)
  • RBI: Phillips 29
  • Runs: Reds 144/Opposition 124
  • ERA: Reds 4.10
  • Wins: Arroyo 4

Team Record to Date

  • Record: 26-23; .580 (’08, -14, .457)
  • Home: 13-12 (’08, +5)
  • Road: 13-11 (’08, -19)
  • East: 4-7 (’08, +2)
  • Cent: 17-12 (’08, -16)
  • West: 3-3 (’08, -3)
  • Place: Div T3rd, NL T6th (’08, 5th, 11th)

Offense to Date

  • Runs: 9th (’08: 12th) (+6 since last month)
  • AVE: .256; 10th (’08: .247, last) (+ .021 since last month)
  • AB: 9th (’08: 16th) (+6 since April)
  • AVE w/RISP: .255; 8th (’08: .240, 16th) (improved since April)
  • AVE w/RISP 2 outs: .246, 6th (’08: 213, 14th) (improved since April)

The RH hitters were had a horrible April, but have improved: Brandon Phillips (.188/.288), Jerry Hairston (.179/.262), Ramon Hernandez (.246/.286), Alex Gonzalez (.190/.224)

Pitching to Date

  • ERA: 4.10, 6th (’08: 4.55; 13th) (similar to April)
  • WHIP: 1.36, 5th (’08; 1.46; 13th) (slightly improved)
  • AVE: .249, 4th (’08; .275; 14th) (slightly higher to April
  • 6 complete games, 2 shutouts, and 13-14 in saves.

Defense to Date

  • ERR: 5th highest (’08 2nd highest)
  • F% .988(12th) (’08: .981, 14th) (Improved)
  • DER .7238 (2nd) (’08: .6881) (Improved since April)

The Questions

Joey Votto: The man can hit, but he’s now on the DL and I fear a longer stay. Then what?

Edinson Volquez: Seemed to be coming around, then injuried and reinjuried. Will someone be able to step into the rotation? What if the rotation starts to wobble?

Will the Reds be within 5 games at the end of June?

  • June Home: Cubs, Braves, White Sox, Diamondbacks
  • June Away: Cards, Nats, Royals, Blue Jays, Indians

April Review

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11 thoughts on “On the Reds: May ’09 Review

  1. You have the Reds covered like a blanket. I like the near mirror image of records at home and on the road. There are injuries throughout the division, so I think they can stay within 5-6 games of the lead.

    The numbers clearly indicate that the club continues to progress which has to be encouraging.

    Nice post buddy!


    • David,
      The Reds are interesting and full of surprises. Take last night … down 2-0, Volquez leaves after an inning, no Votto, on the road against the Cardinals, and they come back to win.

      As we know, baseball is a marathon – not a sprint … thus one of the reasons why I include ’08 numbers for comparison.

      I appreciate your visits!


    • Lester,
      Given the Bengals crazy streak of patheticness, plus the Reds streak of losing seasons (8?), most fans would settle for being in contention in mid-September. This club has spunk.

      Thanks for the visit & comment.


  2. Frank,

    1st time commentor here, but I’ve seen you around. Love the detail you put into the post and the comparisons to last years stats.

    I really like Volquez and it would suck if he’s out for any extended period. The NL Central is there for the taking, especially if word on Pujols has him hitting sitting for a while after that weird slide last night.

    Good work brother.


    • Rad,
      Thanks for the kind words, and of course I hope you return. As you may have noticed, I wrote across many topics.

      Although he was off to a tough start, a healthy Volquez is important in their run (IMHO). Let’s face it – pitching is a team strength; however, he’s back on the DL. Question here is who starts on Saturday?

      Thanks for commenting and come you come back.


  3. How many more wins before GAB sells out a few games?

    I’m not making fun of…I think it would be terrific if the Reds and Cubs played in front of a sellout crowd this weekend. And, I mean more red in the stands than Cubbie blue.

    Perhaps, if the Reds hang around through June maybe some more fans come out to the Great Smallpark of the Mid West…obviously, that would be good for Cincy, good for the NL Central, and good for baseball!

    July will be even more interesting for Cincy. Will Bobby C. drop some more dough to make a big-splash at the trading deadline?

    He’s said from the beginning he’s willing to do what it takes to win. This might be the year he’ll truly have to walk the walk. I hope he keeps his word. We’ll see.


    • Brian,
      As far as selling out GABP, I still think its a tough sell … small market and tough economic times limit weekday crowds. Then on weekends, the regional people don’t travel as in days gone by. There were plenty of tickets available for the weekend games against Cleveland! Bottom line … it’s sad.

      Cubs fans always turn out at games here. Sadly (for us), there are times when one couldn’t tell (by listening) who had the home crowd. Personally, I think it’s great that Cubs show up here, but all in all it’s also a sad statement.

      Cincy fans are in a long drought … real long. To give you a proper sense, see this post I wrote in November.

      With that sad, I believe fans are in two modes: “we’re heard that before” and “show me”.

      Oh well … thanks for visiting and the comment.


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