On Baseball Randys

Since1972 Randy has been a very good friend and we’ve talked a lot of sports. He’s a legend in his own mind and an unquestionable sports homer; but he’s still a friend. His baseball knowledge is best demonstrated by proclaiming Omar Vizquel would have a 40-HR season before retiring.

Since he mocked my selection of All-Time Franks, he challenged me to do an All-Time Randy team. The poor guy hasn’t yet learned to be careful what you ask for – especially when it comes to me.

Being that I’m generally more than one step ahead of him, I already knew that Cooperstown must wait for the Big Unit to become its first Randy; plus a mere handful of Randys have been All Stars (AS).

Like Randy, the lefties dominate the pitching staff. Unlike Randy, these guys could also field the position. Like Randy, they will work hard and not contend. Unlike Randy, they won’t know much about accounting. Nonetheless, I’m confident they will beat the all-time teams of Ruperts, Camerons, and guys named Sue.

Ladies and Gentlemen, now entering taking the field under the Big Top, the All-Time Randys!

1B Randy Milligan
2B Randy Velarde
SS Randy Ready
3B Randy Jackson (AS)
Randy Hundley (AS)
OF Randy Winn (AS)
OF Randy Bush
OF Randy Moore
DH Randy Knorr

SP Randy Johnson (AS)
SP Randy Jones (AS)
SP Randy Gumpert (AS)
SP Randy Wolf (AS)
SP Randy O’Neal

RP Randy Myers (AS)
RP Randy Moffitt
RP Randy St. Claire

Mgr. Randi Kaye

Honorable Mention: Randall Simon with his claim-to-fame of being the one who assaulted of the Milwaukee sausages during the sausage race … and it was even the one of my heritage – the Italian Sausage.

12 thoughts on “On Baseball Randys

    • Rad,
      Thanks … for sure – there are plenty of names in baseball that would be tough to do! Johan’s best chance would be on the alltime rock star team! Oh no … an idea!

      Tough bad the Big Unit didn’t get #300 last night … now that would have been great timing.

      Thanks for the comment.


      • Maybe he’ll get it tonight if the rain lets up a bit.

        I just saw Dave’s comment about an all Dave team. If this is becoming a theme then I’m letting you know that I will be forced to create an “All-Gonzalez” team as I don’t recall a single Rad or Radhames (my full name) ever playing in the majors.

        Any word on Ellis heading to the Bengals??


        • Rad,
          Picking will be slim with your name, but it would be curious one know if one existed. Hmmmm …. All-time Daves could be interesting!

          No word on Ellis to the Bengals. It was just my thought considering two have come this year.

          Thanks for the comment.


  1. Well the Full Deck delivers again! Amazing Frank. I knew if anyone could do the research for this little project it would be you. No one I know has this much minutiae in his mind EVER.

    I am in awe.


    • Lester,
      Being the long-running friendship with Randy, it was fun to do … especially the text surrounding the selection. But he didn’t comment about the sausage or the manager?

      Thanks for the visit.


  2. Very nicely done Frank. I may have to do a Baseball David/Daves team soon. lol

    When I first saw you mention the Randys, the Big Unit was the first one in my mind. That’s a pretty tough pitching staff.

    As always, another great post buddy!


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