On All-Time Hals

With yesterday’s All-Time MLB Randys, I was able to have some subtle fun at the expense of a friend; and he enjoyed it. Although he knew it was coming, he doesn’t know about this one. Actually this is an idea that came to me yesterday.

For the past several weeks, Randy has been a weekend road warrior for a 4 ½ hour journey to visit his father who is battling cancer. Those kinds of journeys are necessary, yet tiresome, painful, and possibly joyful. Each of us handle these situations differently, and I hope that Randy comes out of it as spiritual uplifted as I did with my journey – but I know that is rare – and Randy will attest that I’m rare. (Rim shot)

Randy’s dad is Hal, a good man that I’ve had the pleasure to interact with at various times the past 37 years. Like his son, he’s also a big baseball fan. Unlike his son, he knows the game. So to Hal, here’s your team.

  • 1 more member in Copperstown (HOF) than Randy
  • More All-Stars (AS) than Randy
  • Who would have expected so many Hals behind the plate? Wagner, Smith, King, Spindel, Naragon, and O’Hagen
  • Defense is a bit shaky at best
  • Better throw Newhouser every third day

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the starting line for the All-Time Hals.

1B Hal Morris

2B Hal Chase

SS Hal Janvrin

3B Hal Lanier

C Hal Wagner (AS)

OF Hal Trosky

OF Hal McRae (AS)

OF Hal Rice

DH Hal Smith (AS)

SP Hal Newhouser (HOF)

SP Hal Schumacher (AS)

SP Hal Woodeshick (AS)

SP Hal Brown (AS)

SP Hal Gregg (AS)

SP Hal Carlson

RP Hal Reniff

RP Hal McKain

Mgr. Hal 9000

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