On Baseball Nicknames

Earlier this year we lost Mark The Bird Fidrych and The Little Professor, Dom DiMaggio. Although nicknames for baseball players are endless, here’s a quiz about The Bird, Moose, Godzilla, Charlie Hustle, the Georgia Peach, and all the other nicknames in baseball.

Below is a list of 25 players and 25 nicknames, so this is a matching exercise with each answer used once. A fair share of these are easy, so enjoy and good luck. Answers are below the video (a triple play without batter contacting the ball). Let us know how you did.

Players: Adam Dunn, Brooks Robinson, Charlie Spikes, Chris Sabo, Christy Mathewson, Dave Parker, Dick Stuart, Early Wynn, Eddie Stanky, Enos Slaughter, Ernie Lombardi, Frank Viola, Frankie Frisch, Jeffery Leonard, Jim Palmer, Joe Medwick, Lenny Dykstra, Luke Appling, Orlando Cepada, Roy Halladay, Walt Williams, Walter Johnson, Whitey Ford, Willie McCovey, Willie Stargell

Nicknames: Big Donkey, Big Six, Big Train, Bogalusa Bomber, Cakes, Cha Cha, Chairman of the Board, Cobra, Country, Doc, Dr. Strangeglove, Ducky, Fordham Flash, Gus, Hoover, Nails, No Neck, Old Aches and Pains, Old Penitentiary Face, Pops, Schnozz, Spuds, Sweet Music, Stretch, The Brat

Adam Dunn – Big Donkey
Brooks Robinson – Hoover
Charlie Spikes – Bogalusa Bomber
Chris Sabo – Spuds
Christy Mathewson – Big Six
Dave Parker – Cobra
Dick Stuart – Dr. Strangeglove
Early Wynn – Gus
Eddie Stanky – The Brat
Enos Slaughter – Country
Ernie Lombardi – Schnozz
Frank Viola – Sweet Music
Frankie Frisch – Fordham Flash
Jim Palmer – Cakes
Jeffery Leonard – Old Penitentiary Face
Joe Medwick – Ducky
Lenny Dykstra – Nails
Luke Appling – Old Aches and Pains
Orlando Cepada – Cha Cha
Roy Halladay – Doc
Walt Williams – No Neck
Walter Johnson – Big Train
Whitey Ford – Chairman of the Board
Willie McCovey – Stretch
Willie Stargell – Pops