On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 26

On Air France 447
My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by this catastrophe.  I hope the families and friends of the victims find closure.

On Hurricane Season
Hurricane season officially started June 1. Given the names are already determined, it is interesting to note consecutive names P and R: Peter Rose. Click here to see all the names.

On Cheney and Gay Marriage
Dick Cheney’s recent stand on gay marriage rights must make political niche cringe. With that in mind, and I agree with him or not, I admire his courage on making the statement. I agree with him that it’s a state issue, thus not a national issue. On the other hand, I’ll ask this question: Is it a state issue or a church issue?

On the Republican Message
Kathleen Parker, one of my favorite columnists, uses a fire-breathing carnival analogy to demonstrate a point about a GOP message in this column.

On Evolution and Religion
As part of my continued quest to learn more about the complementary nature of evolution and religion, I just finished reading Responses to 101 Questions about God and Evolution by Dr. John Haught, a Roman Catholic theologian at Georgetown University. Dr. Haught was one of the theologians who testified at the trial involving Dover (PA) Schools and Intelligent Design (Kitzmiller vs Dover Area Schools). Here’s the transcript.

On an Economic Retrospect
In a recent column, economist Paul Krugman looks back at various economic aspects of the Reagan administration. I recall wondering then if banking deregulation was the right thing to do.

On the Super Bowl
Several months ago the NFL announced they are considering playing a Super Bowl in Europe. No offense to Europeans, but I didn’t like the idea then and I don’t like it now. Just as a reminder to all, it’s all about the money.

On 232 – 118 – 88
A $232 million dollar PowerBall winner taking the cash option gets $118 million, but after taxes walks away with $88 million. That’s what happened to South Dakotan Neil Wanless – a young, hard-luck farmer living by a shoestring. Yet he pledges to repay those he owes multifold and life of not squandering his winnings. Congratulations Neil, and I hope you life your dream while being an example to others.

As an avid watcher of Dancing with the Stars, belated congratulations to Shawn Johnson for her win and maintaining a strong presence for Olympians.

On Two Movies

  • Star Trek – A fun movie to see. Thumbs up
  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian – Interesting, great animations.

On a Commercial
Whether playing in band all the way through my university days to my current involvement in a handbell choir, or my general appreciation of many music genres, music has been part of my life ever since my elementary school days many years ago.

Although music programs are alive for our youth, some schools face cutting music for financial reasons. Since 1997 VH1 has promoted its Save the Music Foundation aimed at restoring instrumental music in schools. I recently saw this very enjoyable commercial for the foundation at a local theater. Gotta love it!