On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 28

On Debt and Tough Choices
I rely on columnists like David Brooks for being one of the voices of reason – something the any partisan-heavy columnist cannot give. Given our long period of consumption, the hoards of dollars of personal debt, a growing deficit at the federal level, and the delusion that either party has anything meaningful to say or do, this recent Brooks column about the touch choices ahead hit the nail on the head. Are our elected officials willing and able to step up to challenge? I very, very much doubt it.

On Letterman and Palin
David, you blew it first with the joke, and secondly with a lame apology. After the flames continued to roar, your Monday apology was more sincere and direct. All of this because you and/or your staff didn’t do their homework.

Governor, one response for this one was all that you needed … just one. Failure to do so continues to foster the impression that you do not have a grasp on national and global issues. If you want to be on the national stage, lay low, study,run Alaska the way that got you noticed, and study some more.

On Hate
The amount of hate on the news, thus in society and throughout the world these days continues to amaze me. Take your pick: Rush Limbaugh, Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn, Jeremiah Wright, Wiley Drake, too many politicians on both sides of the aisle, and countless of others – and many in the name of religion. Here’s a wonderful column by John Young (Waco Tribune-Herald) about Christianity and Islam. We have so far to go and so few people seem to be willing to learn. Remember this post about learning?

On Evolution and Religion
My ongoing and personal study of this topic continues to be both interesting and enlightening. I finished Responses to 101 Questions on God and Evolution by John F. Haught, and am now reading another book by Haught – God After Darwin: A Theology of Evolution. I’ve also discovered the next book in line: Can You Believe in God and Evolution? A Guide for the Perplexed by Peters and Hewlett.

On My Struggling Cincinnati Reds
So far in June, team batting .194 w/ 8 HRs. Since Votto went on the DL, scored 41 runs in 14 games. Take away the 9-run game, they averaging 2.46 runs/game in the other 13. (Thanks Cincinnati Enquirer)

On Angels and Demons
I enjoyed this engaging thriller as it moved much faster than The Da Vinci Code. Scenes of Rome are great reminders for those of us who have visited the Eternal City.