On Baseball Announcers

Earlier this season, baseball lost announcing legend Charlie Kalas and Philly fans lost a longstanding voice and face of the franchise. His passing got me thinking about the many personalities occupying the broadcasting booth.

Life-long fans of a team or at least long-time residents know the trust and admiration we have for our announcers. On the down side, we don’t know the other great announcing traditions in other cities.

Whether it their homerun call, a tagline, or any other ism, baseball announcers give us many trademarks, so here’s just a smidgeon.

Charlie Kalas (Phillies) – Swing…and a long drive, and this ball is, outta here! Home run <insert player’s name here>

Harry Caray (Cubs, Cardinals) – It might be, it could be, it is!

Tom Hamilton (Indians) – Swing and a drive…Way back…GONE!

Ken Harrelson (White Sox) – You can put it on the board!

Dave Niehaus (Mariners) – And it will fly away … my oh my!

Rick Rizz (Mariners) – Goodbye baseball!

Michael Reghi (Orioles) – Oh, did he tag that one! It’s a bomb!

Bob Carpenter (Nationals) – See…You…Later

Dave VanHorn (Marlins) – It’s up … up and away!

Ernie Harwell (Tigers) – It’s lonnnnnnnng gone!

Bob Eucker (Brewers) – Get up… Get Outta Here… Gone

Jerry Coleman (Padres) ¬– You can hang a star on that baby!

Mark Scott (TV) – It’s a home run or nothing here on Home Run Derby.

Lon Simmons (A’s) – Tell it goodbye!

Ned Martin (Red Sox) – Mercy

Mike Shannon (Cardinals) – Get up baby, get up

Graham McNamee – Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of the radio audience,

Marty Brenamann (Reds) – And this one belongs to the Reds.

John Sterling (Yankees) – THUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Yankees Win!

Jack Brickhouse (Cubs) – Hey hey

Red Barber (Reds, Dodgers) – They’re tearin’ up the pea patch

Vince Scully (Dodgers) –  Forget it.

Mel Allen (Yankees) – And how about that.

Bob Murphy (Mets) – Fasten your seatbelts, here we go!

Dave Niehaus (Mariners) – Get out the rye bread and mustard, Grandma, it is GRAND SALAMI TIME!

Duane Kuiper (Giants) – He hits it hiiiiigh, he hits it DEEEEEP, OUTTA HERE!”

Joe Nuxhall (Reds) – This is the old lefthander, rounding third and heading for home

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Although I’m a Reds fan, I always loved Haray Caray.