On Educational Reform: The Need

While attending a workshop in 2008, after seeing this slide below I said to myself, this is the reason why education needs to change. Interestingly, the workshop wasn’t about educational reform.

The basis for my opinion is simple. The current educational model is based on preparing workers for an industrial age. Legislation designed with hopes of improving schools is also based on the same model. Attention everyone, the Industrial Age has long passed.

Sometime in the mid-1990s I heard someone from the Ohio Department of Education say something like the following (and this is close):

Given the system we have, there’s no doubt the teachers of Ohio are doing better because the testing statistics show such; but here’s the real question: Is this the system we want to perfect?

Brilliant … absolutely brilliant; thus something I’ve never forgotten. In similar spirit, I describe education as a car built on a Model T chassis with the top-performing districts displaying a Corvette or Cadillac body. As the public sees the beautiful outside, it doesn’t notice its outdated framework. In other words, regardless of the appearance, it’s a Motel T. Ah yes, the power of the illusion.

For those thinking I’m the only one with this thought, see the International Center for Leadership in Education.

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