On a View of Iran

I like to travel – and that includes watching Rick Steves travelling. Not that long ago (2008) Steves went to Iran, and as he normally does, he incorporates people and culture into his thoughts and shows.

Today, we’re keeping an eye on the demonstrations resulting from the country’s election process. Journalists had been a source of information, but then they were limited or removed. YouTube and Twitter served as communication outlets, and then those sources have now been limited.

As we debate over meddling or watching, Mr. Steves recently wrote a column (in an editorial sense). Since he’s not championing a political party or special interest, it’s worth reading. Below are links to the column and other Rick Steves’ posts on Iran.


2 thoughts on “On a View of Iran

  1. You know I haven’t given Iran much thought. I think it would take a lot to get through to their leaders, but as far as their election I don’t see what the U.S. can really say. We had a similar election in 2000 between Bush/Gore.


    • Tim,
      And I’m sure you would agree that if countries would be meddled or applied pressure about that Bush/Gore, we (as a country) would have had a fit.

      So many issues … so many … there’s no way we can keep up. Hence one of the reasons I haven’t stated much about health care.

      Oh well … thanks for the visit!


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