On Divided Government

Whether on this blog or in personal conversations, I haven’t been one to complain by using words as fascist, socialist, Marxist, or any other pathetic, intentional fear-mongering descriptor – which also implies that I don’t respect those that do.

To some, my failure to do participate in the child-like name calling exercise must mean I’m a partisan Democrat or simply pro-Obama. To the contrary, this and past posts demonstrate that I’m an independent moderate looking for solutions beyond blind acceptance of political dogma.

I’ve criticized Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) and her lead on legislation numerous times, and will continue to do so. I’ve stated that Pelosi-led legislation would serve as President Obama’s Achilles’ heal, and it has. On the other hand, Minority Leader Boehner (R-OH) isn’t a reasonable alternative. I’ve carefully watched President Obama, and yes, called from him to veto the initial Stimulus Bill.

I’ve continually identified both parties as special-interest conglomerates whose primary purpose is self serving over doing what is best for the country. Besides, the party in power uses a get-it-while-they-can philosophy. At the same time I’ve stated that the Democrats are the ones who will lead Republican resurgence.

WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan openly wonders who’s caring for the country as the parties care for themselves – that is, where’s the Patriotic Grace?  Not that long ago she spoke about the Republicans saving the Obama presidency from the Democratic-controlled Congress. Columnists David Broder and David Brooks echo similar thoughts.

Divided government does not mean political divisions, but rather divisions of the political power. For instance, one party ruling the White House and both Congressional chambers is not divided government. President Obama preaches bipartisanship, but doesn’t need it because Democrats have complete control – which is the same scenario President Bush’s first six years – and for President Clinton’s first two years.

Some moderates (as myself) have hoped the Blue Dog Democrats and moderate Republicans would step into the arena to lead as voices of reason. Maybe the recent Cap and Trade vote is finally a sign of that movement, but only time will tell.

A Moderates’ Dilemma still exists and will continual to exist. So the big question – which form of divided government would the people prefer: President Obama with a Republican Congress or a Republican president with a Democratic Congress? Then again, would that bring tempered political progress or gridlock?

Help Wanted
Real pragmatists who govern country first and only

8 thoughts on “On Divided Government

  1. While reading your post I was formulating a comment and intended to say “You sir, are a pragmatist.” but your last line beat me to the punch.

    Take it as a compliment, that’s how I mean it. You also could be a closet libertarian, I’m not sure yet.

    Your opinion that both parties are sticking it to us an opinion shared by this and many other conservatives. People on the left and in the middle usually toss us in with Republicans but many of us vote that way with one hand on our nose and the other holding our wallet.


    • Thersites,
      Thanks for the kind words. We don’t always agree, so I appreciate this.
      There are good ideas on both sides of the aisle if legislators would take time to listen and being willing to disband their winner take all approach. The far left and the far right will likely never be happy, but that’s ok with me.
      I suggest reading Peggy Noonan’s last book … Patriotic Grace … which I found in my local library. It’s an easy and interesting read.
      Thanks for the comment.


    • Thersites,
      Thanks for the link and I just read it. I see and can agree with many of her points, but not all.

      Let’s face it … the media is the media and we also show our biases when selecting it.

      Rush is biased … so is Hannity …. but I chose not to listen to their rhetoric so they can say what they want. I simply use them to validate my decisions.

      I’m not so sure I agree with the author about Palin-Biden debate. Palin was much better prepared than she was with Couric; and hopefully that interview taught to be better prepared. Sure she has good delivery, but her substance was shallow and limited to areas in which she had prepared answers. Keep in mind … At that time I was either undecided or had already decided who wasn’t getting my vote …. so I was closely watching.

      But anyway … I appreciate the link … thanks for the comment.

      PS: I may have to chime in with a Palin-related post.


  2. Who doesn’t have a biased opinion? I can’t read or listen to many liberal outlets because of the lies and distortions that they put forth as truth. It disgusts me. I’m sure that people on the left think the same of right-wing commentators.

    That’s why Paglia is such a gem – she puts forth her ideas in a reasoned and logical way without resorting to the innuendo and invective that so infects the usual left-leaning media sources.

    About the debate… Considering that Palin had only been involved in the campaign a few weeks and prior to that had no national exposure, I think that she did exceptionally well. I can only imagine the pressure that she was under at the time.

    Biden, however, had years of experience with all of the issues before the candidates at the debate and should have done better. Supposedly, he is an accomplished debater but he did not deliver an exceptional performance that night. I think that he was hobbled by his strategy – “get out without doing any damage”. I was flabbergasted by his incorrect comments on the duties of the vice-president.

    Judging their debate as objectively as possible I think it was too close to call.

    BTW, you do realize that Peggy Noonan was a speechwriter for Reagan and Bush – generally considered a conservative?


    • Thersites,
      Yes, I know Noonan’s background and the fact that she’s a conservative. Labels come in a variety of sizes, and (for me) she’s more of a moderate … a good voice of reason – thus my I appreciate her work.
      Thanks again.


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