On Bringing a Smile

Smiles are commonly associated with photographs, joyous occasions, fun, humor, confidence, friendliness, confidence, good will, greetings, love, and many more. Smiles touch people – connect people – regardless if strangers, friends, or acquaintances.

Whether receiving or giving, most of us enjoy a smile because smiles also permeate the inner body by providing a sense of warmth and happiness. May these two short videos bring a smile to you today.

The Latest

From 1998

6 thoughts on “On Bringing a Smile

  1. People ask me all the time “why are you always smiling, don’t you ever get upset”? Obviously I do get upset at times, but dwelling on the negative in life gets me nowhere, a smile can go a long way in creating a positive atmosphere. That “Skating Babies” video gives me another reason to smile my a** off when looking for happiness in a world that can be overly dark and ironic.

    Great stuff Frank


    • Tim,
      But they didn’t fall … thus more reasons to smile. Great marketing by Evian.
      I always appreciate your visits and comments.


    • Joe,
      Glad to help you out today. As we both know, it’s easy to find stuff in our daily world to bring us down.

      Thanks for the link too. Ramon makes a lot of sense. Balance … so much of life is about balance … just like when being on skates.

      Thanks Joe!


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