On the Upcoming Circus

Starting Today – Live under the Big Top – Senate Hearings on Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court Nomination!

Although the legislative process starts in the House, the Senate chamber is the other ring under the Capitol Big Top. Before your very own eyes, watch Democrats soft-toss questions and watch Republicans ask irrelevant questions.

Tune in and watch the special interests of each party and individual grandstanding at work; and if you watch and listen very closely, you may hear a good judicially-based question that lacks political bias.

Let’s not forget the all-important camera time. Watch senators work to impress both their party and the home folks for continued support because they don’t want to lose the gravy train. You betcha – gotta look good and smart!

But wait … there’s more – the firefighters case! Republicans want to bring firefighter Frank Ricci to the hearing. Three cheers for more grandstanding! The Supreme Court overruled the appellate court; therefore she’s not a reliable jurist? So I wonder – is it possible that she ruled in accordance to the law and the high court changed or limited the law through the ruling? If so, I say this – Damn activist judges!

The confirmation process will confirm that the hearing is about special interests, arrogant pompous senators and the parties they represent – thus certainly not about public citizens or even the nominee’s judicial philosophy or ability. I’m not a fan of Justice Clarence Thomas, but nobody should have to go through that BS.

By the way, regardless of the political spin, she’s qualified. Besides, this country has more pressing issues on its plate. So to the committee members: Back to grandstanding, partisanship, fiddling, and don’t mind us burning.