On All-Time Don’t Call Me Georges

One would expect a team of All-Time Georges to include player as Brett, Bell, Foster, Sisler, Kell, and Hendricks. What about the Georges that weren’t known as George – not George as a middle name, but as a first name.

The players who went by either their middle name or other names as Chippy, Jumbo, Scoops, Specs, Foghorn, Paddy, Slick, Sarge, Zip, Tug, Squanto, Icehouse, Stump, Lefty, Shorty, Possum, Pinky, Mule, Birdie, Tuck, and others.

Ladies and gentleman – Now taking the field, the All-Time Georges that you may not know as George.

1B – George Candy LaChance
2B – George Stuffy Stirnweiss (AS)
SS – George Buck Weaver
3B – George Brett (AS) (HOF)
C  – George Birdie Tebbetts (AS)
OF – George Ken Griffey (AS)
OF – George Ken Griffey Jr. (AS)
OF – George Duffy Lewis
DH – George Herman Babe Ruth (HOF)

SP – George Tom Seaver (HOF)
SP – George Rube Waddell (HOF)
SP – George Herman Babe Ruth (HOF)
SP – George Nap Rucker
SP – George Rube Walberg

RP – George Storm Davis
RP – George Doc Medich
RP – George Red Munger (AS)

Mgr – George Sparky Anderson (HOF)

Bench – George Tuck Stainback, George Mule Suttles, George Kiddo Davis,
George Catfish Metkovich, George Peaches Graham

9 thoughts on “On All-Time Don’t Call Me Georges

    • Lester,
      There was a time in the 70s the Reds had 5 Georges on the roster … Seaver, Foster, Griffey, Sparky, and one other I can’t recall.
      Thanks for visiting as I knew you would like this one.


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