On All-Time Tims

I find looking at baseball through the very narrow field of names interesting. If nothing else, being reminded of players from the past, some famous and others not so, triggers memories.

I dedicate this team to three individuals. The first is a cyber Tim, the writer of a blog a thoroughly enjoy: Thoughts, Ideas & Suggestions. The second is to a coworker from my past with whom I enjoy many interests; besides, he also reads this blog. The third is a fellow Ohioan and another cyber Tim whom I read, yet readers know him as Beeze. Although some may wonder how well this team would do, it’s good enough to beat the All-Time Randys.

Ladies and gentlemen. Taking the field, the All-Time Tims!

1B – Tim Laudner (AS)
2B – Tim Naehring
SS – Tim Foli
3B – Tim Wallach (AS)
C –   Tim McCarver (AS)
OF – Tim Raines (AS)
OF – Tim Salmon
OF – Tim Hulett
DH – Tim Tuefel

SP – Tim Keefe (HOF)
SP – Tim Hudson (AS)
SP – Tim Belcher
SP – Tim Wakefield (AS)
SP – Tim Lincecum (AS)

RP – Tim Burke (AS)
RP – Tim Stoddard
RP – Tim Worrell

Mgr. – Tim the Tool Man

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