All-Time Lukes

I haven’t seen Luke in 15-20 years, but through the Internet we’ve reconnected. He writes an interesting blog about various topics about the Bible and archeology. He’s participating as a volunteer in Israel on an archeological dig at Elah Fortress excavation and has posted reports.  Keep up the good work Luke!

In honor of Luke and his work, I pursued an all-time team. Good news is that player nicknames include Old Aches and Pains, Buster, the Nashville Narcissus, Mongoose, and the Hot Potato. Sadly, only 18 Lukes have played in the bigs; thus I’ve been forced into creative mood to field a team – but this team is still not good enough to even compete with the All-Time Randys.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Now taking the field, the All-Time Lukes.

1B – Luke Easter
2B – Johnny Lucadello
SS – Luke Appling (HOF)
3B – Billy Lucas Lush
C – Luke Sewell (AS)
OF – Luke Scott
OF – Eddie Lukon
OF – Matt Luke
DH – Johnny Lucas

SP – Red Lucas
SP – Luke Hamlin
SP – Luke Walker
SP – Luke Hudson
SP – Luke Hochever

RP – Gary Lucas
RP – Luke Prokopec
RP – Ray Lucas

Mgr – Frank Lucchesi

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