On Reds Monthly Review: July 09

This title of a post by HOF writer Hal McCoy says it best: The Reds are Dead – You can Bet on It … and his words says even more.

Besides losing 10 of their last 11, the Reds started the month 1 games below .500 but ended 12 games under; thus fell 4 spots in the overall NL standings. Starting pitchers won 4 games in July, and fingers could be used to count wins by starters the past 2 months. The last road trip was horrible. One more insult: the Reds are 1-6 against the Padres.

The Reds offense continues to be horrible, the Achilles Heal I’ve been saying the past 3 years. The Reds scored 3 runs or less in 50 of 102 games (49%) and going a whooping 10-40 in those games. I’ve wondered about their percentage of games with 10= hits, but I decided against going through the torture.

The Reds ended the month by acquiring 3B Scott Rolen. I’m convinced that this move helps set up 2010, thus why there wasn’t a major fire sale. On the plus side, he provides the missing consistent RH bat, improves the defense, provides needed leadership, and (being from Indiana) he wanted to come to the Reds. On the downside, he’s injury prone, at the back side of his career, and Toronto received two young arms; especially Zack Stewart.

Team Record

  • July: 8-19
  • Record: 45-57; .446 (’08, -14, .457)
  • Home: 17-18 (’08, +5)
  • Road: 20-20 (’08, -19)
  • East: 10-14 (’08, +2)
  • Cent: 23-23 (’08, -16)
  • West: 6-11 (’08, -3)
  • Place: Div 5th, NL 12th (’08, 5th, 11th)


  • Runs: 14th (’08: 12th) (-3 since last month) (-5 since May)
  • AVE: .244; 15th (’08: .247, last) (downward trend)
  • AB: 14th (’08: 16th)
  • AVE w/RISP: .235; 13th (’08: .240, 16th) (down -1)
  • AVE w/RISP 2 outs: .204, 16th (’08: 213, 14th) (down 26 points and 7 spots in one month)


  • ERA: 4.46, 13th (’08: 4.55; 13th) (up 0.39 and -7)
  • WHIP: 1.42, 13th (’08; 1.46; 13th) (-7 positions)
  • AVE: .262, 9th (’08; .275; 14th) (worse since last month)
  • Saves: 29/34 = 85%; best efficiency in the NL


  • ERR: 5th highest (’08 2nd highest) (one spot better)
  • F% .982(14th) (’08: .981, 14th) (worse than last month)
  • DER .7227 (2nd) (’08: .6881) (worse than last month)

Schedule Ahead

  • (H) Rockies, Cubs, Nationals, Giants, Dodgers, Pirates (1)
  • (A) Giants, Cardinals, Pirates, Brewers,

Past Reviews

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4 thoughts on “On Reds Monthly Review: July 09

  1. The Reds really did fall off the map in July, and the numbers don’t lie about their lack of offensive production. That record in games in which they scored three runs or less is quite ugly, too.

    Nice and objective review as always.


    • David,
      Yep … Reds offense is terrible. Of course I was saying that when Dunn and Griffey were in the lineup. The way things are going, sure got to think that losing 100 is a possibility.

      Thanks for visiting …. and I hope you get to spend some time at home!


  2. Hey Frank,

    Sorry to hear about Volquez’s Tommy John Surgery. He seemed like a promising young pitcher, let’s hope he recovers well and gets back on track .


    • Rad,
      Thanks …. Volquez news is a long-term blow … then again, many of us wish the end-of-the-season would get here sooner … but hey … we Cincinnati fans are used to rooting for losers.
      Thanks for visiting.


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