On XM 32: The Message

XM Channel 32 is The Message, a station focusing on contemporary Christian music. I don’t know much about this genre; however, I do know what my ear and mind like, and this channel works for me.

So if I don’t know many of the artists featured on this station, why does it earn a preset on my radio?

  • I find it pleasing
  • The tempo is upbeat
  • In general I don’t focus on lyrics as I like rhythms
  • When I do listen to lyrics, these have a positive message

I don’t listen to The Message all the time, but there are times I prefer it. Meanwhile, Stephen Curtis Chapman performed a concert after a recent Reds baseball game. Since I knew he’s won a Grammy and one heard on The Message, I stuck around for the post-game concert … and it was well done! I was amazed at the number of people who knew the lyrics to many of his songs.

Below are two songs I’ve enjoyed on The Message plus a Stephen Curtis Chapman video.  See what you think … and if you like the sound, turn to XM Channel 32. Below the videos are links to other XM channel posts.

Jars of Clay: Two Hands

Newsboys: In the Hands of God

Stephen Curtis Chapman: Dive

Other XM Posts

4 thoughts on “On XM 32: The Message

  1. hello frank. as usual, you never failed to visit my blog even if i was on vacation and was not able to drop by your page at all. sorry about that and i really appreciate your presence in my blogs…

    we’ve arrived a couple of days ago but i am still having difficulties adjusting to the time difference between the philippines and sweden. another thing is that, i miss my family a lot which is the main reason why i am not yet 100% back into blogging.

    anyway, i do listen to to christian music sometimes. There are instances when I feel the music so much, reflect about my life and without knowing, i even cry at times.



    • Hi Maxi … and welcome back. Your two homes are so far apart, which has to be a challenge in itself. Nonetheless, I hope you had a good trip – so ease yourself back into a routine.

      Contemporary Christian music is easy on the ear, can tug on the heart, and can stimulate thinking. As I wrote, fortunately I focus on the music as a whole, thus miss many of the lyrics. Well, I guess that’s both good and bad.

      Welcome back and thanks for the comment.


  2. Whoa, great music dude! And I love Steven Chapman. Thanks for sharing these videos. They are really inspiring and sounds really really nice.

    I am not into Contemporary Christian music but this sounds great. Cheers!


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