On College Football Scheduling Trends

I started this study 4 years ago as I wondered about two questions:
Why are the BCS schools playing Nunchaku Poly A&M? Why aren’t the BCS schools playing each other in OOC games?

Of course to answer those answers I had to first determine who was playing who; although the answer always comes down to money.

I question if 4 years is long enough to see trends and patterns, but that’s the life of the 12-game format. With that in mind, I will leave it to the readers to draw conclusions. Just one reminder, this is about scheduling, not strength of conference.


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5 thoughts on “On College Football Scheduling Trends

    • Lester,
      In my opinion, that one of the main reasons … thus gotta pad that record. Of course financial considerations always plays a role.
      Thanks for your thoughts.


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