On Smoking Lettuce

I wonder what I was doing in early June when the world learned that on the fabled floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Steve Buyer (R-IN) made a plea to ban smoking lettuce. And the debate hasn’t continued? No ads pitting the battle between the vegetable lobby and the medical lobby? No calls that Washington is ruled by communistic tyrants? Have the French banned smoking lettuce?

There must be a division along party lines! Conventional wisdom tells us that Republicans would oppose this regulation. On the other hand, the agriculture union workers support the Democrats … that’s it! So is Rep. Buyer attempting to break the union or is he simply looking after the health and welfare of the American public?

6 thoughts on “On Smoking Lettuce

  1. I thought you were just joking with this, trying to poke some fun at Steve Buyer, but this is actually real. I was shocked that this was an issue that a member of congress thought was worth discussing.

    As a parent, I am shocked that my effort to teach my child healthy easting habits by keeping lettuce in the house for salads, I am actually introducing her to a gateway drug that may cause massive problems later lol

    Good stuff Frank


  2. Frank,

    Knowing which Congressional district you live in, and knowing who your Rep is, I can only say I am not surprised that you have raised this issue.

    Perhaps a mind as fine as your’s should be in Congress. At least AMERICA would be rid of Jean Schmidt.


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