On the House Leaders

Many scientific polls show the low approval rating the public gives Congress. It’s not pretty. In CNN’s recent unscientific poll 200 days into the new administration, all 50 states graded Congress with a D. Now that’s leadership, so congratulations on the perfect score!

Not long after the election I proclaimed

  • The Democrats would lead the charge to bring back the Republicans
  • President Obama would be blocked from establishing the center if he left legislation to Speaker Pelosi

Before continuing with words about House leadership, here’s a Michael Gerson (Washington Post) column about the causes of the end of President Obama’s honeymoon.

On John Boehner (R-OH)
The Republican minority leader isn’t one of my favorites. He went to change Washington, yet the tanned, chain-smoking babbler is now of the leading talking heads for special interests and partisan politics. Instead of continuing to display party-first arrogance through finger-pointing and making child-like videos involving Lucy the dog (who needs to learn new tricks), I suggest doing something productive for American such as resigning from party leadership so you can be replaced by a Republican pragmatist. Oh that’s right … the party doesn’t have a pragmatist that isn’t tied to special interests and party-first politics – and if you do, they are belittled by the majority of the party, thus bound for ineffective leadership.

On Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
As much as she may deny the fact, the House Speaker is a partisan ideologue who loves the power of controlling the path on all legislation. Madam Speaker, much of the American public wants sensible bi-partisan solutions, and (unfortunately so) she is the key to the legislative process. As Speaker she has the authority to lead a reform the current process. Oh no, and the special interests she represents lose their legislative gatekeeper? Of course not!

Maybe it’s time the House to elect a nonpartisan leader outside the 465 representatives; which is viable within the Constitution. Ah heck, that won’t happen either as neither party would give up their gatekeeper power, so it seems the country is left with her or elect a GOP House led by the babbler or his twit lieutenant. How sad.

I offer this chuckling music video as a tribute to these two politicians who have no interest in mainstream America.