On the Health Care Debate

The Congressional recess couldn’t have come at a better time as it is time for Congress and the public to step back, take a deep breath, and relax. The town hall meetings provide interest insight into the issue, people, and the nature of politics.

The goals of any form of health care reform focuses on these points

  • Covering the uninsured
  • Controlling costs
  • Protecting patients with pre-conditions

On the Republicans
There shouldn’t be any question that the GOP has limited interest in this topic. Put another way, their only reason to show interest is because the opposing party is interested. To support this statement I offer the following:

  • The Republican party of today is a mirror opposite on the party of the ‘60s during the Medicare/Medicaid legislation – the opposing it were a party minority then, but are the party majority today, thus those truly working on a real solution are in the GOP minority
  • Did the GOP-controlled Congress offer common ground with the Clinton Administration after killing Hillary Care that President Clinton vetoed? No.
  • Did the GOP-controlled Congress offer health care reform legislation to the Bush Administration? No.

As a matter of fact, while they and many of their partisan-supporting public are against any government-sponsored health care, I challenge GOP candidates for the 2010 Congress (now the majority of the party) to listen to their constituents and take a stand on immediately repealing/eliminating Medicare, Medicaid, and support for public hospital care of the uninsured.

Come on people, step up and practice what you preach and stand on a platform for what the people say they want! – Meanwhile, I anxiously await the public’s reaction; especially the same people currently squawking.

On the Democrats

  • You don’t get it – The public is currently feeling steamrolled by legislation that is more about party interests than public interests
  • You don’t get it – The public sees a Congress more concerned about passing anything rather than passing something useful and effective
  • You don’t get it – The public does not trust nor approve of your House leadership or Congress you control
  • You don’t get it – The public sees a quickly-growing deficit
  • You don’t get it – Focus on the 3 issues – not the special interest extras – the 3 issues of insuring the uninsured, controlling costs, and protecting those with pre-conditions

On Reality

  • People are reacting to a bill that is has not been finalized for vote AND one that has intentionally and unintentionally poorly informed to the public
  • We’re already, and have been for some time, in a cycle of declining company-offered programs; including decreased coverage and increasing the employee’s financial stake in the plan
  • Health care is serious issue that deserves thoughtful study, dialogue, debate, and solutions
  • If both the left and the right aren’t squawking, mainstream America won’t like it
  • Congress will pass something, and odds are it won’t solve anything because during these times, good policy and good politics are oil and water.

On the Bottom Line
There is no doubt in my mind that both Congress and the public have lost focus on the 3 desired goals, thus both sides are perpetuating countless numbers of myths and misinformation through a variety of tactics. The public needs to receive honest information, listen, ponder, provide feedback, and have meaningful, respectful debate to seek meaningful solutions in accordance to the goal – and the same is true for our Congress … and what’s the chance of these two things happening?