On All-Time Steves

Famous Steves exist: Steve Allen, Steve Martin, Steve Forbes, Steve Corell, Steve Fossett, Steve Irwin, Steve Young, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Steve Miller … and we’ve not even going down the route of Steven Spielberg or Stevie Wonder.

As a matter of fact, both my wife and I have sisters, each married a Steve. Heck, our Best Man was a different Steve, now the Oklahoma Madman of the Mountain Bike.

Although “Steve” means crowned or crowned one, I can’t recall a King Steve, a President Steve, or a biblical reference to Steve – but there is a St. Stephen who was stoned to death – but not by pitcher Steve Stone. (rim shot)

This is also the first all-name team with a banned player – Steve Howe. I banned him because I can and have the guts MLB didn’t have during his playing days.

There’s also a host of All Stars that didn’t make the team to be noted at the end. Interestingly, all pitchers – this team’s strength.

This post is about Steve and only Steve in terms of baseball history. So without further adieu – Ladies and Gentlemen – Now taking the field, the All-Time Steves.

1B – Steve Garvey (AS)
2B – Steve Sax (AS)
SS – Steve Yerkes
3B – Steve Boros
C – Steve O’Neill
OF – Steve Finley (AS)
OF – Steve Kemp (AS)
OF – Steve Brodie
DH – Steve Henderson

SP – Steve Carlton (HOF)
SP – Steve Gromek (AS)
SP – Steve Barber (AS)
SP – Steve Stone (AS)
SP – Steve Rogers

RP – Steve Bedrosian (AS)
RP – Steve Blass (AS)
RP – Steve Renko

Mgr – Steve O’Neill (our first player-manager)

Bench – Steve Balboni, Steve Yeager (AS), Steve Dillard, Steve Souchock,

All-Star pitchers excluded: Steve Avery, Steve Busby, Steve Hargin, Steve Ontiveros, Steve Trachsel

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