On Upcoming Handbells

After taking a break for the summer, our church handbell choir returns to rehearing tonight. I don’t have a clue what music is planned for the year, but I’m sure our leaders will find something interesting to push us.

Meanwhile, I didn’t take a break from the ringing this summer as I’m participating in a duet that we hope to do this weekend. It’s my first encounter with this animal and the journey has been interesting as it involves bringing together two people with different ringing styles, different musical interpretation, different expectations, different personalities, different egos, different senses of humor, and whatever other differences two people normally bring to the table. I don’t mean those to be negatives, but rather an aspect of people and life.

It’s not a difficult piece, but given we had to learn some a few new techniques, the level of difficulty is appropriate for the first trip into this arena.

In of honor the new ringing season, here’s the St. Olaf College handbell choir playing Pirates of the Caribbean … and these players are a workin’! Enjoy!