On Good Neighbors

Most people love to have good neighbors. An adjective list describing good neighbors includes nice, friendly, kind, helpful, positive, property maintainers, neighborhood activity participants, respectful, trustworthy, humorous, and more.

We’ve lived in our home for over 20 years and have seen many people come and go. Recently, we lost one of those real good neighbors. Changing economic conditions caused this family to look for another professional job – and fortunately, the hunt had a successful ending within a short time frame. Unfortunately, they had to move to the other side of this country.

We’ll miss everything about them because they are quality people. I think of them and us as converging lines that stayed close for about 8 years. But now the lines are diverging – moving apart and never to intersect as closely again.

Yes, it’s sad to lose good neighbors. On the other hand, we’ve been blessed to know them and we’re all better people because of them. And now, they will touch others in Montana. Who knows for how long? Who knows where other stops their journey will take? But where ever and whenever, I wish them nothing but the best … and a hardy thank you!