2009 PreSeason Top 10: College Football

College football air is approaching. The stores shelves contain numerous magazines. The frequency of daily news and articles is increasing. The bloggers are firing up. Spirit attire is returning to clothing departments. Trips to games are being planned. But before the pre-season rankings, let’s establish the criteria.

Ranking Criteria

  • Last year doesn’t count
  • Nor does the year before that
  • Nor any other year
  • Traditions don’t count
  • Expectations don’t count
  • Power Conference membership doesn’t count
  • Band program doesn’t count
  • Hosting ESPN Game Day doesn’t count
  • Storied history doesn’t count
  • Home attendance doesn’t count
  • Number of times on TV doesn’t count
  • National Anthem singers don’t count
  • Number of alumni doesn’t count
  • Famous mascots don’t count
  • Fight and spirit songs don’t count
  • Number of issued press passes doesn’t count
  • Played in fabled game doesn’t count
  • Hype doesn’t count
  • Famous alumni don’t count
  • Media market doesn’t count
  • Bowl history doesn’t count
  • Number of 5-star recruits doesn’t count
  • Famous celebs in the stands don’t count
  • Amount of school clothing sold doesn’t count
  • Past legendary coaches don’t count
  • Number of players in the NFL doesn’t count
  • Loving or hating Notre Dame doesn’t count
  • Preseason predictions don’t count
  • What ESPN says doesn’t count
  • Preseason predictions by magazines don’t count
  • Number of returning lettermen doesn’t count
  • Tailgating attendance doesn’t count
  • Number of research grants doesn’t count
  • Number of past and current All-Americans doesn’t count
  • Number of televised games doesn’t count

PreSeason College Football Top 10

The only thing that matters is who the team played and did they win or lose. Nothing else and nothing more – and no games have been played.

11 thoughts on “2009 PreSeason Top 10: College Football

  1. That’s a perfect preseason top ten. You don’t know what the teams are so a win against a so-called top 25 in September that finishes with 5 wins isn’t very impressive, but it still counts as beating a ranked team.

    They shouldn’t rank until the conference games open.


    • Lester,
      For someone of your blog to all this the “perfect preseason top ten” is truly an honor.

      Polls are so bogus, especially in the out-of-conference part … and you’ve seen the numbers about who plays who.

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. I completely agree with this philosophy!! The modern BCS levies WAY WAY too heavy on the preseason polls. Having to come from an “unranked” spot makes it a lot harder to crack the top 5 near the end of the season. However, I also feel that your statement about “he only thing that matters is who the team played and did they win or lose” doesn’t work. Does that mean that Ole Miss should have been ranked ahead of Florida? Or how about Stanford in front of USC two years ago? Or Texas in front of Oklahoma behind of Texas Tech who is itself behind Texas….. how would I even do that 😉 Polls should not play a role in deciding a National Championship…..PERIOD!!! Playoff is the only way…..but polls do make things fun. Thanks for the good post and read.


    • Jacob,
      First of all, thanks for the first-time comment here.

      My statement simply refers to the complete body of work a involving a team up to that point in the season. for instance, a big-named team be ranked number 1 after the first week of rolling over a D-1A (FCS) or D-II opponent. Nor should the schedule ahead make any difference.

      Of course Stanford wouldn’t rank ahead of USC because of their win several years ago, but the loss would lower USC (and did). At the same time, USC did have some quality wins that year.

      One thing for sure …. what a mess!

      Thanks again for stopping by and the comment. I’ll check out your site soon.


      • I have to agree with you on the mess thing. I am a strong supporter of scrapping the BCS and going to a playoff ASAP, but this is what we are stuck with. I hate polls, but again, we are stuck with them. I will be keeping up with your work through the season. I like your style. Keep up the good work.


        • Jacob,
          I too wish they would scrap it, but redoing the system changing the distribution of dollars …. and that’s one thing that is making it so hard. …. and that’s sad.

          Thanks for dropping by.


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  5. LOL thats a long list of stuff that dont count. I can see you are not a fan of preseason polls. I like preseason polls. I know they dont mean anything but its nice to look at. I thought you should have switched #1 and #3. lol


    • Jerry,
      Thanks for visiting. Your are correct, I don’t care for preseason polls, but I also believe in-season polls are NOT based on results – but expectations and biases – hence why I have the “They’re Earned It” Rankings.
      Thanks for visiting.


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