On Nyuk-Nyuk-Nyuk

Some people need a musically jolt to get moving on Monday morning. After all, I’ve posted music for Monday morning before.

To those who do, here’s a musical tribute to the one who brought us “nyuk-nyuk-nyok”, “SOIT-an-ly”, “Oh – a wise guy” and many more. Enjoy the Curly Shuffle below and here’s more information about one of my favorite funny guys: Curly Howard.


8 thoughts on “On Nyuk-Nyuk-Nyuk

    • Tim,
      LOL … and don’t forget that I recall when the Stoogies were frequently seen on television.

      Hope you downloaded the song to your I-Pod … ha ha.

      Thanks for the visit.


    • Hi Maxi,
      Glad to hear that it brought you both a smile and laughs. Curly was great for laughs. Meanwhile, I also found another, but similar, video with many clips of this legend.

      Thanks for stopping by to watch and comment.


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