On North Korea

The detainment and subsequent release of the two American journalists was big news, yet the politicizing of their release surprised me. As a country, North Korea is an isolationist. The United States does not have an embassy in this country and has diplomatic communications with is typically through a third party.

The North Koreans asked for a visit from President Clinton as a condition of the release, and the White House approved the condition. The former president met with Kim Jong-Il, and if it made the North Koreans feel better, so what. Surely this visit didn’t open the door wide open for thawing the strained relations, and at best, maybe it put a slight crack in the door.

In the big picture, let us remember these key points.

  • No matter what the U.S. says or whatever the U.N. does, only China can apply significant pressure on North Korea
  • A unified Korea would not serve in China’s best interest
  • The U.S. can’t pressure China because of the amount of U.S. debt China holds

Just giving some points to ponder.


9 thoughts on “On North Korea

  1. I agree with Beeze, the amount of influence that other countries have (such as China, Japan, etc.) seems to be severely underestimated by most Americans (and seemingly, most of our leaders).


    • Beeze & Chris,
      No matter the topic, there’s always more to the story than we realize. A found a word of interest in each of your comments …. scary & underestimate.

      Thanks for the comments and hope all is well.


  2. Great post Frank. The US is about $772 billion in debt to China, that’s an astonishing number.

    And I completely agree with Chris, I think most people still believe that the US is the leader in terms of global influence, when in actuality our status as a “super power” is in danger due to the amount of debt that our country has gotten itself into.

    Great post and great comments.


    • Rad,
      Thanks for the number to support my statement. How often in life do we learn by simply “following the money.”

      Thanks Rad for the visit.


  3. You said, “No matter what the U.S. says or whatever the U.N. does, only China can apply significant pressure on North Korea”

    That is spot on. But don’t forget the corollary – lack of pressure on North Korea means that NK is doing what China wants.

    Consider the possibility that North Korea’s purpose is to set a standard for international behavior that makes China’s bad behavior seem acceptable in comparison.


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