On Year 1

One year ago today A Frank Angle was officially born. Inspiring by the election year, in that first post I promised both insight and respect; and I’ve kept my promise. As the Categories on the right show, I’ve posted on a wide range of topics, plus I’ve responded to most comments because I believe that is important.

There are many to thank, yet I don’t want to mention names for fear of forgetting someone. I’ve learned from you, laughed with you, practiced graceful disagreement, and appreciated both your work and your visits here. I’ve been privileged developing respectful dialogue with people across the United States and the world.

The first year has provided the following:

  • 286 Posts
  • 26 Categories
  • 1,410 Comments (probably about half are my return comments)
  • 11,202 Visits
  • 4 pages (and I hope to add content to those pages today, so check them out)

Although those who know me best may not think this is an accident, but today is also Shania Twain’s birthday. Did you know that I have a prosthetic left hand because my original hand (which she touched) is hermetically sealed in a jar? Unfortunately all of her videos must be watched on YouTube, so here’s one.

Meanwhile, this Carl Sagan video still touches me each time I watch it.