On Teaching with a Song

Since children throughout the country are in the process starting another school year, here’s a look back at three people you may not have considered to be classroom specialists: Larry, Mo, and Curly. Now, for more of the story – You may not know that Larry Fine was a proficient classical violinist before joining the Stooges.


8 thoughts on “On Teaching with a Song

  1. It is striking how many people in the entertainment industry have had hidden, well-developed talents for which they are not famous.


    • Luke,
      Very true, but it also expands to all of us. A pro football player with a great singer, classical pianist, or a poet … a news reporter/newscaster playing in an orchestra … or the executive as a regular at a soup kitchen, the guy down the street tutoring disadvantage youth, and the list can go on.

      Again to your point, so many in the entertainment field also have other related talents that we seldom see.

      Thanks for the visit.


    • Tim,
      The 3 Stooges are a classic of days gone by … but sadly too violent for today’s world … oh sure … too violent for someone who knows nothing about movies today.

      Thanks Tim!


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