On the Reds August 09

reds-logoBesides not being very good, 2009 has been an injury-filled year. Of the starting eight, only one position (2B) hasn’t been impacted by the DL. Heck, 3B, C, and SS have been hit twice. Going into last night, of the five in the starting rotation, only 1 remained until Cueto’s return yesterday.

I have maintain for several years that offense is the main problem and batting stats continues to be poor. Although I disagree, some point to the absence of Adam Dunn. I on the other hand point to Dunn’s improvement this year as a Nat. In other words, talent is one thing and the Reds lack it, but is it also time for a new hitter coach in 2010?

Team Record
Month: 13-16
Record: 58- 73; .438 (-15) (’08, -14, .457)
Home: 29-37, -8 (’08, +5)
Road: 29-36, -7 (’08, -19)
East: 11-17, -6 (’08, +2)
Cent: 30-29, +1 (’08, -16)
West: 10-18, -8 (’08, -3)
Place: Div 5th, NL 13th (’08, 5th, 11th)

Runs: 15th (’08: 12th)
AVE: .243; 15th (’08: .247, last)
AB: 8th (’08: 16th)
AVE w/RISP: .241; 16th (’08: .240, 16th)
AVE w/RISP 2 outs: .218, 15th (’08: 213, 14th)

ERA: 4.38, 10th (’08: 4.55; 13th)
WHIP: 1.40, 9th (’08; 1.46; 13th)
AVE: .262, 8th (’08; .275; 14th)
Saves: 30/38 (79%) (downward trend)

ERR: 5th highest (’08 2nd highest)
F% .984(8th) (’08: .981, 14th)
DER .7134 (4th) (’08: .6881)

Schedule Ahead
(H) Pirates, Astros, Marlins, Cardinals
(A) Braves, Rockies, Cubs, Pirates, Astros

Past Reviews
April Review
May Review
June Review
July Review

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10 thoughts on “On the Reds August 09

  1. I hate injuries 😉 The Mariners (the closest team to Oregon-making them the team I actually follow and care about) have lost Ichiro twice this season, Beltre twice and now Branyan! Our three offensive weapons were down last night. The result? The Angels win 10-0. Ouch!! I feel for you.


    • Jake,
      Yep … injuries can do a team in, but they are part of the game. To me, simply the economics of the game are so screwed up, I’m not sure how most teams can complete with unbalanced payrolls.
      Thanks for the comment.


    • Chris,
      As a fellow Reds fans, you know the misery of both the year and the recent past. Simply sad … very sad.

      Thanks for stopping by.


    • 3rd Stone,
      Losing Bruce hurt, but he was also struggling. I believe each monthly average were under 200 except one! But at the time of his injury, he was leading the league in assists for outfielders. My hope is that his injury helps get bad swing habits out of his system.

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. hello frank. as much as i want to, i do not want to comment much on this one simply because…… i do not know anything about the REDS. sorry. hehe.

    anyway, have a great day and see you around and around and around!


    • Lester,
      Brutal is a good word, but we’re used to it. But hey, the NFL season is just around the corner! Ooops … we’re used to that too.
      Thanks for the comment.


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